ZITF clarifies Mine-Entra exhibition date shift

13 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views
ZITF clarifies Mine-Entra exhibition date shift Ms Stella Nkomo

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Ms Stella Nkomo

Ms Stella Nkomo

Business Reporter
THE Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Company says the shift in dates for the 2018 Mining, Engineering and Transport (Mine-Entra) exhibition from July to October has been necessitated by wide multi-stakeholder engagements.

While space bookings for the specialised business show are underway, so far at 47 percent higher than last year, organisers have announced the event will now be held between 10 to 12 October 2018. Mine-Entra is traditionally held in the month of July.

In a statement, ZITF Company marketing and public relations manager Ms Stella Nkomo said:

“The change in timing was a result of wide, multi-stakeholder engagements which determined that a postponement was necessary to avoid clashing with other significant national events”.

Ms Nkomo, however, said the ZITF Company remains committed to retaining the exhibition’s status as a specialised international business-to-business meeting point for the mining and related industries.

“In light of the foregoing background, preparations for the mining, engineering and transport (Mine Entra) exhibition are progressing well with space uptake to date exceeding the booking situation as at the same time last year by 47 percent,” she said.

“Currently the exhibition is sitting at 5 175 square metres of space sold, compared to 3513sqm in the previous year, an indication that Mine Entra, 23 years down the line, is on a healthy, positive growth trajectory.”

A total of 138 companies have booked exhibition space to date, an increase of 24 percent from the booking situation at the same time in 2017. On the international front, Ms Nkomo said exhibitors from China and South Africa will be exhibiting mining equipment, machinery and spares, automation and filtration equipment, grinding equipment, tyres as well as water purification supplies.

“In response to the overwhelming demand, a second exhibition hall has been opened up for bookings and specialised companies supplying exploration, extraction, processing or beneficiation machinery and training requirements for the mining sector, as well as suppliers of equipment and machinery relating to the engineering and transport of mining resources are therefore invited to take part,” she said.

This year’s exhibition will run under the theme, “Mineral Beneficiation: Catalyst for Economic Growth”.

The spotlight will be on conversations around sustaining beneficiation initiatives and harnessing the spin-off benefits from mineral beneficiation to attain incremental Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in mineral value addition per capita.

“The theme recognises that the potential of the mining industry in Zimbabwe is unmatched globally, making Zimbabwe the place to be for the serious business investor, equipment and service provider,” said Ms Nkomo.

“The forums are aimed at prompting discussions on harnessing the country’s mining potential, identifying and kick-starting the catalytic actions necessary for progress on sustainable exploration, mining, processing, marketing and management of mineral resources for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.”

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