ZNA members commended at graduation Zimbabwe National Army

Kudzai Chikiwa, Chronicle Reporter

MEMBERS of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) have been commended for remaining resolute and loyal to the military despite the prevailing economic hardships in the country.

Colonel (Quartermaster Staff) Benjamin Sabata made the remarks during the graduation of 138 officers drawn from the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service (ZPCS) and the Zimbabwe Women’s Services (ZWS) at Lookout Masuku Barracks in Bulawayo on Friday.

Those who graduated underwent through six ordinance and transport courses: basic stores course, intermediate stores management, ordinance instructors’ course, basic learner drivers’ course, the recovery vehicle operators’ course and the driving and maintenance instructor’s course at the Ordinance and Transport Training School (OTTS). 

“Let me congratulate you for being resolute and loyal to the organisation during the current hard and trying economic times we are facing. I would want to commend you on your good discipline during the period of your stay at the school,” said Col Sabata.

He urged those who graduated to remain focused and committed to their mission and to make maximum use of the knowledge gained.

“I am informed that you faced challenges during your training but you were successful and determined to fulfil your mission. I want to urge you to maximise on the skills you gained during your training. The challenges you faced will be rectified as a matter of priority,” Col Sabata said.

He said the event represented an achievement by the ZNA as those trained were turned into competent custodians of equipment owned by the army.

“Equipment is expensive to acquire given the prevailing economic challenges hence the ZNA attaches great importance on the training of its men and women in equipment management so that they become custodians of what we have,” Col Sabata said.

He said the basic learners’ drivers’ course was aimed at producing military drivers capable of carrying out their duties effectively during peace and war times.

Col Sabata urged soldiers to be exemplary in their driving skills to avoid road carnage.

“The driver’s licence you acquired does not make you good drivers but you need to gain experience and perfect your skills. Don’t drink and drive but set a good example for civilians to imitate. You should drive cautiously to avoid road carnage,” he said.

“I would like to thank the commandant and the staff for working so hard and tirelessly in achieving this goal in such hard and trying economic times. I want to sincerely thank Chief Sigola in whose area we carried out our training activities.”

– @tamary98.

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