Zodwa asked to lie about Zim no show

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Zodwa asked to lie about Zim no show Zodwa Wabantu

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Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu

ZODWA Wabantu is a very angry woman! The provocative dancer with no underwear is fuming over her no-show at the Harare International Carnival in Zimbabwe.

This comes after her name was removed from the list of entertainers scheduled to perform at the carnival last week.

This follows disapproval by Zimbabwean citizens and the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority, who made it clear they did not want her to perform without underwear.

But Zodwa, whose real name is Rebecca Libram, was having none of it, and allegedly refused to perform with panties on.

At the time the tourism head of corporate affairs, Sugar Chagonda, had said Zodwa might have to compromise. Now Zodwa said organisers were forcing her to lie about not being featured at the event.“They have advised me to say I had caught the flu and could not attend.”

“I won’t say that because what these people have done is totally not on. Before this carnival there had been a lot of controversy surrounding my appearance there. I had fans who wanted to see me. I am very disappointed.”

Zodwa said the cancellation was done via WhatsApp from Tatenda Mrembe, who is a promoter and events company manager. It reads: “The bottom line is there is pressure on the tourism authority for the postponement of the show. We have been told inexplicably to postpone this show, so for the sake of brands and yours it’s just better to say that you fell ill and you would postpone your appearance in Zim. Send me your SA bank account so that we can compensate your loss. Trust me, love. This was beyond our control.”

Daily Sun managed to track Tatenda who said: “Yes we did invite Zodwa to come and perform at the carnival. But what happened during other discussions was out of our reach.We had to postpone her to perform at a later stage which is yet to be announced. For anything else I do not have a comment. Because on some matters I do not have the capacity to do so.”— Daily Sun

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