$1 drugs: 3 pupils hospitalised…Msiteli kids refuse to give up dealer for fear of death

DRUGSAuxilia Katongomara/Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Reporters—
THREE pupils from Msiteli High School in Bulawayo were admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital after they allegedly drank a concoction containing pink pills that are allegedly being peddled to school children. Residents from Entumbane, Mpopoma and Mabutweni suburbs said they suspected the drugs were used to stabilise violent mental patients.

Pupils, who buy the pills at $1 for 10 pills, said mixing them with a soft drink produced a “nice instant high.” The pupils, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the drug is an affordable way of getting drunk without suffering a hangover. They said they bought the pills from a man identified only as Mkharadi or from a MaHadebe in Entumbane.

The pupils said they would never point out the sources to anyone as they feared being killed. The Chronicle yesterday spoke to Grace Mfandareva whose son spent two nights at the health institution after drinking the mixture. She said her 16-year-old son was admitted on Tuesday evening.

“At the hospital I was told that he had taken pills meant to stabilise the mentally challenged. He was hysterical and his pupils were dilated. We thought he was dying,” said Mfandareva. The woman said nurses told her that her son was not the first to be admitted recently showing similar symptoms.

Mfandareva said nurses were forced to invite the police to investigate the matter after the children indicated that they were ready to provide information on where they were sourcing the drugs.

“We hope that police will get to the bottom of this. We’re not excusing our children but a grown up man can’t go around selling dangerous drugs to our children. He must be arrested,” she said. Mfandareva said she was yet to report the incident to the police.

The teenager who was discharged yesterday said he took eight pills in a soft drink on Monday at 1PM and became dizzy and weak. “I lost control of my body. My neck couldn’t hold up straight and just lolled onto my chest. I was sweating profusely. I swear I’ll not take that drug again,” he said.

The other two teenagers, names withheld, who were admitted on Monday have also been discharged. A medical expert and Mpilo’s clinical director Dr Solwayo Ngwenya said he could not provide a comprehensive analysis on the drug as he needed to conduct laboratory tests.

He, however, strongly warned teens against taking it. Dr Ngwenya said the pill might provide temporal euphoria but it had long-term detrimental effects.

“It can kill. It can cause brain damage and kidney failure. It’s shocking that our children are taking it. It’s popular at parties in the Western world where they mix it with various drinks. This is something that we should campaign against,” he said. Bulawayo’s provincial education director Dan Moyo said the drug abuse issue has not been reported to his office.

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  • Bongani Dlamini

    makes sad reading. Mkharadi & Mahadebe must fall

    • Tonde

      Very sad reading indeed! We must unite to fight this drug scourge!

  • Ndlovu

    expired pills, these will really damage you kids out there…stop taking them…prestigious CIOs, please catch these dealers ASAP…

    • the gunner

      Ndlovu bakithi where do CIOs come into this? We.v got the CID drug squad which can easily deal with this

  • Bambanani

    Very disturbing story to start a day with. I wonder if these paddlers have kids at all. Phela yibuthakathi lobu.

    • MakhosiXamu

      You are 100% correct. If I had the powers……….mmmmmmmm. Someone would find themselves behind bars.

  • theza

    mapholisa yenzani elikwaziyo silithembile

    • vusumuzi

      uyabheda wena. uthemba bani ? amasela antshonstha daily kuma Roadblocks , maybe awulamota hence you dont feel the pain we feel. Only trust them to crush MDC rallies/meetings swiftly!!!. Okunye lokhu bayenza ngonyawo lonwabu , because ZRP HQ doesnt see it as a threat to Ruling for Life!!!!!

      • Ghost of Sparta

        you are very right.

  • xi

    there are a lot of pills that come in a pink colour including a certain pain killer ibuprofen, these students are dicing with death

    • MakhosiXamu

      Drugs are destroying are future. Private sellers of drugs must be arrested.

      • khulu undubeko

        how can the students be brave enough to drink an unknown substance

  • vusumuzi

    ZANU has the power to crush such deeds if it wants . It has its border gezi youths everywhere who can infiltrate all such syndicates and crush them. Only that its not a political thing . Zim is a small community hence criminals do not always get away so ZRP can nip this in the bud if it is willing . Each surbub has a police station with uniformed and plain clothes police , so why have they never ever picked up the scent ? Also Zimbabweans are willing always to assist police so if the ZRP had any wllling ness to end these activities , they can anytime , but they have other priorities;Politics.

  • pantiecake

    kodwa bayabona ukuthi umkaradi lomahadebe kabafundanga bona bathenga amaphilisi abo ukuthi bafe

  • Doppelganger

    where can i get some of these pills? Does someone have maHadebe’s number? Just for scientific purposes, I promise’

  • Mina Makoti

    ????? Ecstacy- pink pills that give an instant “high.”
    Toxicology to identify drug.
    Hypnosis to obtain info about the drug peddler