Cop ‘causes’ crash: ‘Pulls’ handbrake of speeding Honda Fit

The accident scene in which a Honda Fit (red car) driver lost control and rammed into two cars at the robot-controlled intersection of Nketa Drive and Khami Road in Mpopoma suburb, Bulawayo, yesterday morning. — (Pictures by Prince Sunduzani)

The accident scene in which a Honda Fit (red car) driver lost control and rammed into two cars at the robot-controlled intersection of Nketa Drive and Khami Road in Mpopoma suburb, Bulawayo, yesterday morning. — (Pictures by Prince Sunduzani)

Prince Sunduzani, Chronicle Reporter
EIGHT people were seriously injured after a police officer allegedly pulled the handbrake of a speeding pirate taxi causing a pile up involving three vehicles in Bulawayo yesterday.

Witnesses said the police officer was among the injured while his female colleague fled to the nearby Mabutweni Police Station as morning rush hour commuters bayed for her blood.

The accident happened at about 8.30AM at the robot-controlled intersection of Khami road and Nketa Drive in Mpopoma suburb.

mpopoma accident s

They said the red pirate Honda Fit vehicle skidded across the wet tarmac and slammed into a Toyota Corolla before careening off into a head-on collision with a truck.

Mr Raymond Chinyama, who witnessed the accident, said there was a deafening bang as the city centre-bound Corolla flew into the air before crashing to the ground about 10 metres from the point of impact.

Four people in the Honda Fit, including the driver, all three people in the Corolla and the driver of the truck were rushed to hospital.

Acting Bulawayo chief fire Officer Mr Linos Phiri said the injured were taken to Mpilo Central Hospital.

He urged the police to be careful when dealing with pirate Honda fit drivers as they usually exhibit behaviour which leads to accidents.

Commuters who were waiting for Kombis scurried for cover as debris from the crashes showered the area.

Mpopoma accident (2)

“I had never seen anything like that in my life. It seemed as if I was watching a movie. I saw a speeding Honda fit approaching the robots, all of a sudden it started skidding then rammed into a Corolla. The Corolla flew into the air and landed on its wheels,” said Mr Chinyama.

“People scattered in all directions to safety. I ran to the Honda Fit which was the most damaged to try and help the passengers out. There was also a possibility of a fire breaking out.”

A passenger in the Honda Fit said the police officer and his female colleague posed as commuters and got into the pirate taxi.

The passenger said when the car was in motion, the cops told the driver he was under arrest and ordered him to drive to Mabutweni Police Station.

“Instead, the driver accelerated towards a red robot. The male cop who was seated in the front passenger seat screamed in terror and grabbed the handbrake,” said the passenger who still appeared dazed.

An onlooker said the vehicle skidded across the rain-drenched road as passengers screamed at the top of their voices.

“When the dust settled, the female cop staggered to the roadside and her male colleague lay motionless on the road. Angry fuel vendors beseiged the female cop and she dashed to the safety of the police station which is a few metres from the scene,” said the witness.

mpopoma accident 8 injured

A police officer who was at the scene and spoke on condition of anonymity said contrary to what other witnesses were saying, the Honda fit driver ran a red robot and he suspects the cop pulled the handbrake to avoid a collision.

The Chronicle observed angry residents hurling obscenities at the injured police officer who was still lying on the ground.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi could not be drawn to comment on the issue, saying he did not have the facts.

“I cannot comment on that issue as I do not have the facts. Can you get back to the Bulawayo police spokesperson. Currently I’m not aware of that issue and I can’t answer, sorry,” he said. — @PrinceNkosy102

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  • Mendeka

    Most of us have always urged the police to arrest all unlicensed drivers instead of taking bribes and have also advocated for elimination of unregistered Honda Fit cars but all our pleas call on deaf ears as that is the ZRP area of collecting money, or that most of those vehickes belong to them.

    • Dumakude

      In a Banana Republic leaders care about money only..not the welfare of the people

  • concerned

    Police are greedy fools last time they killed a guy again by pulling the handbrake in mganwini and causing the honda fit to crash what sort of nonsense are police doing

  • big

    Oh!!! We already have fuel vendors in the open???

    And oh!!! A cop has no idea of the danger of park-braking/handbrake a moving vehicle? He thought it was just going to stop nicely???

  • God of War

    I doubt that the cop has a licence, otherwise he would know what would happen if you pull the handbrake when a car is speeding. Idiot cop.

  • dubo

    the driver of the honda fit is to blame for failing to hid a police instruction that he was under arrest

    • Department 6

      hid??? or heed?
      pay attention to; take notice of.
      “he should have heeded the warnings”
      synonyms: pay attention to, take notice of, take note of, pay heed to, be heedful of, attend to, listen to, notice, note, pay regard to, bear in mind, be mindful of, mind, mark, consider, take into account, take into consideration, be guided by, follow, obey, keep, keep to, adhere to, abide by, observe, take to heart, give ear to, be alert to; More

      • Kevin

        We apparently had understood the drift no need to go overboard abt it really , seriously !! That effort could have been adequately used to comment on the story at hand !

  • musa

    we dumb cops, they could have waited until the car was motionless & then the handbrake stunt (+ putting the gear in “park”) could have been effective as these honda fit drivers are known to be reckless & i’m reliably told the driver is unlicensed. but then we have dumb cops.

    • Ex Bosso Supporter

      Along with what others have said, let me add that in order to have a friend, you have to be a friend.

  • lets be fair on the roads

    For this crime the police should launch a blitz on pirate honda fits and leave no stone unturned , these are criminals, only registered taxis should be allowed to carry passengers

  • Brutal Truth

    Stupid driver almost got killed innocent people killed

    • Nkosinathi

      I am going to be a bit blunt but what have you actually done to try to make new friends? You can’t just expect people to come to you or things to change if you stick to your usual routine.

  • Essexvale***

    Stupid man. He should have been aware of the simple fact that bringing a speeding vehicle to a sudden halt usually causes loss of control which could result in injury or death. In my outrage, I could have commented that he should have died; but that’s not my style. He got his just desert since it is reported that he was among the injured. Hope it will be a lesson to him and any other over-zealous officer(s) who might want to do the same!