Man survives Victoria Falls Bridge fall

Leonard Ncube Victoria Falls Reporter
A NATIONAL Railways of Zimbabwe employee almost plunged into the Zambezi River after he fell off the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Tafi Shava was painting the bridge’s railings when he slipped. He suffered a broken spine after landing on some steel poles on the bridge’s arc — breaking a 111 metre plunge which would have almost certainly killed him.

Shava, whose age could not be readily established but is believed to be in his 40’s, was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo in a critical condition.

Witnesses said Shava was rescued by his colleagues on the lower ramp of the bridge.

NRZ spokesperson Fanuel Masikati said they were investigating what could have caused the accident as safety measures “have always been in place to prevent accidents.”

“I can confirm that we received a report about one of our employees who got injured while on duty at the Victoria Falls Bridge. We’re investigating the cause of the accident because we’ve never had such an incident since we started working on the bridge as there are safety harness belts and nets which should be in place whenever a team is working,” he said.

Masikati said Shava was an experienced worker who had spent more than 10 years with the NRZ.

The bridge is jointly maintained by NRZ and its railway counterparts in Zambia.

Shava was working with about six other workers when he allegedly tried to scale up the bridge, but lost his grip and slipped.

Added Masikati: “There are safety nets and harness belts and we’re actually shocked about what happened because these things are meant to prevent such incidents. None of our staff on the ground has given full details and investigations are being carried out.

“In all our workshops, safety comes first and we really have to investigate this.”

The Chronicle visited the accident scene yesterday and there were no workers on site.

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  • theza

    hope he recovers

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  • trina

    the Zambezi River has some spots that are sacred, e.g the devils pool if you ignore the danger warnings you will be gone

    • Izinyane lesilo

      Cha! ngitsho Tilina, lundoda wasebenza khona ukupenda uwang’chaphisa lo okweminyala edlula elitshumi, lawo madimoni awisela abantu ebengakaze ambone yini?, okwenzakale lana yikuba lundoda ukhulule amahanisi akhe, njalo lalombule okukhulunywa ngawo ade ungafakwanga.

  • God of War

    Broken spine in zim means he is now disabled for life.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Is this funny ?. Your sanity is under threat, shame.

  • Suppoter

    From Vic Falls to Mpilo??? There is no Hospital in Vic Falls, 36 years into independence still Vic Falls does not have a reputable Hospital by the way which Hospital did Zanu PF built in their 36 year of destroying the country. Guys you must be ashamed. Cant fix roads, you will say its sanctions but they don’t affect you when buying expensive cars, only sanctions come in when you have to deliver to the masses . You are all a disgrace.

    • Izinyane lesilo

      Sikhona isibhedlela efolosi, ma isibhedlela singenelisi ukusiza umpohefumulo ngenxa yokuthi umlimele kanganani siyedlulisela kuleso esingaohezu kwaso ukuba siqhubeke. yikho okwenzakale lapha, lundoda ulimele emgogodleni okungeke kweneliswe yilesisibhedlela.

      • Suppoter

        Hai cha uyasizama isiNdeshu Mfana, qhubeka sekusele kancane.Nami ngiyapatanisa esishoneni kodwa Ndiyoyo

      • Linonifulu

        hayi bo,utsho ukuthi isibhedlela seVictoria Falls besingenelisi ukunceda olimeleyo ngemva kweminyaka engamtshumi amathathu lasitshiya ngalolunye…………..we good as dead

  • Suppoter

    The Four Brothers released the hit single, “Makorokoto”, in 1980 which went platinum within three weeks of release. This was a song in which they congratulated all Zimbabweans on achieving independence. I wonder if they would have sung the same song this year, 36 years later, if they were still alive.

    The Four Brothers were not literally brothers and at times they were more than four members when the likes of Patrick Mukwamba joined the band. They played fast-paced guitar-based sungura.

    • Bul-24/7

      Just about the most vulgar music I’ve ever heard! I mean this sungura. And the so called zimdance genre is even worse. Lots of unco-ordinated noise with no meaningful message. Thank goodness for the simple technology found in head or earphones. With these we are able to shut out that crap and listen to appreciable music.

      • Suppoter

        Noted sir mina I was trying to raise a point yokuthi 36 years down the line would they still say amhlophe

        • luba

          yebo amamhlophe ngelanga lokuzalwa kuka baba, amhlophe ngozibuse, amhlophe sesilamapulazi

          • Suppoter

            Siyakubongela Mzala if wena walithola Ipulazi. Vele sasingeke siwathole sonke. That’s good news hope uliphethe kahle lelo Pulazi. Khiqhiza ndoda don’t forget others phela embusweni wakho. Thina Ekezi lutho. Sisakhala ezimathonsi. Nomgwaqo uya ngakithi wagcina ukulungiswa nguSmith may be sinebhadi Ngcono siye enjelele.

  • dliwayo

    when working under such conditions he was supposed to be strapped to the bridge

    • EIOE

      Just shows common sense does not prevail

  • Izinyane lesilo

    Siqakathekiseni impilakahle emisebenzini ngoba abaqhatshi bakuleli abafuni ukusinakekela maseyizigoga. Amadoda la asuke akuthatha ngokuthi asejwayele ukusebenza lumsebenzi ngakho awasaqaphelisanga ukuvikeleka kwawo, asuke adelela ingozi nje.
    Lumbule kusobala ukuba ade ungekho, njalo abasiki bebunda bathi uShava ubeseqedile ukupenda ngakho ubesekhulule ihanisi lokulenga wase bona ibala elingagoqwangwa waselilalamela, ngokusweleka kwenhlanhla wanyathela lapho apende khona ngakho wasetshelela waganywa lugagu. Uwe amamitha angamatshumi amabili lanhlanu, ngoba lapho okungamamitha alikhulu letshumi lanye kulapho okulamanzi lamatshe khona okungela sihlahla ebesingamgama.

  • corners

    Doing something like that in the US would get you fired, even if you were hurt. “Safety first ” they would say