Matabeleland should be wary of political clowns

Stanley Raphael Khumalo, who says is the next Ndebele King, unveiling the flag which he says must be hoisted all over Mthwakazi after his inauguration on 12 September when he officially starts his reign.

Stanley Raphael Khumalo, who says is the next Ndebele King, unveiling the flag which he says must be hoisted all over Mthwakazi after his inauguration on 12 September when he officially starts his reign.

Nduduzo Tshuma, Political Editor
AS the clock slowly ticks towards elections next year, the Matabeleland region needs to be wary of political clowns who sprout ahead of polls to cause commotion only to disappear after the plebiscite.

In the run up to the 2013 harmonised elections, the region saw some obscure political outfits contesting in the polls with one calling itself “Operation Khumbulekhaya.”

The people got to know of the party, which fielded candidates in some parts of Matabeleland, on the day of the nomination court, only for it to disappear and to date no one really knows what became of that confused outfit.

Similarly, the region has in the past years seen secessionist politicians whose agenda is to divide the country into two parts first started by the likes of self-exiled Paul Siwela and fragmented into a number of factions, sprouting ahead of polls.

Just recently, some self-anointed King of the Ndebele nation, Mr Raphael Tshuma, launched a flag of what he calls the Mthwakazi nation.

The flag, we are told, will be hoisted on September 12 this year and bears some symbols including the image of a white man commonly believed to be the image of Jesus.

Shockingly, the Large City Hall had a sizeable number to witness Mr Tshuma’s precarious dance with treason for the laws around the national flag are clear in black and white.

But the symbols in Mr Tshuma’s flag should be enough to tell the people of what kind of person he is and that giving him any attention is a waste of time.

In this world of complex challenges facing the region, country, continent and the world as well as the advancing technology, this is not the time to entertain imaginary Kings and their secessionist agenda.

While the region particularly Bulawayo and institutions like Stanley Square, Stanley Hall and McDonald Hall marked the nascent stage of the liberation struggle, recent developments have seen a shift from the breeding of serious movements into a spring board for political clowns.

What the region has allowed for years is a bunch of jokers who have come and used a number of strategies to whip up the people’s emotions only to disappear after getting money from their respective donors.

It is the same trend of entertaining political jokers that the region has seen messengers, shebeen queens and postmen walking into Parliament through opposition parties like the MDC-T, for example.

Within those opposition parties, there are also those who think they deserve senior positions in those institutions on the basis of regional balance and nothing else. While it is important for leadership to have a national outlook representative of the nation’s diversity, coming from certain regions alone is not enough qualification for a position of leadership, quality matters.

There are others who have, in the run up to elections, tried to ride on the “Gukurahundi” wave (a period of internal political strife that happened soon after independence), opening old wounds for their selfish narrow politics. Time has also proven that those characters are only bent on creating a constituency of the disgruntled and working against Government efforts at national healing and reconciliation.

Within the ruling party itself, there are also some senior leaders from the region who have surrendered themselves to the hands of dubious characters of criminal make up to become their chief advisors. Those criminals have used their alliance with those leaders to terrorise people and extort businesses with impunity and in the process soiling the image of those particular leaders.

In the inevitable event that the long arm of the law catches up with those criminal elements, the damage to the reputation and even the political future of those senior leaders is beyond question. How those leaders from the region have failed to realise these criminal elements boggles the mind but if they go unchecked, their activities will in the long run dent the image of the party that brought liberation to this country.

It is for the above reasons that the region, particularly Bulawayo Province, has since 2000 been an orphaned province with no serious leadership to carry their aspirations. It is only at the 2015 by elections when MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai fired rebel members that some constituencies in Bulawayo were won back by the ruling Zanu-PF party and the difference has been noted.

Zanu-PF Politburo member Dr Obert Mpofu is on record as bemoaning the phenomenon that Matabeleland has become a spring board for all sorts of dubious organisations whose agenda does not include serving the people. Dr Mpofu, the Zanu-PF secretary for finance, has called for servant leadership among leaders so that they win the support of the people.

It is true that Matabeleland has suffered from political orphanage since the formation of the MDC before it fragmented into many factions after the region followed them in the vain hope that they would have an impact on the domestic political theatre. Perhaps to quote Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he campaigned on behalf of Higher Education Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo in the 2015 by-election in Tsholotsho North, Zanu-PF remains the only party united towards the development of the country.

VP Mnangagwa said the country was under the leadership of Zanu-PF, uniting PF-Zapu and Zanu after the signing of the Unity Accord in December 1987.

“That one family has been ruling this country from 1980 to today, why then don’t the great children of this constituency want to be represented by a party that has been ruling since 1980?

“MDC comes and didn’t rule, even today it’s not ruling and tomorrow it won’t be ruling,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“Do you want to be with those that rule or those that don’t? Your grievances go to the rulers or the ruled? I trust that all of you want your grievances to go to those that rule because that is where decisions are made.”

As the “mad season” approaches, it is important therefore for the region to be able to identify political clowns and institutions that would carry their aspirations.

It is time to rally behind credible candidates that will effectively represent their interests and not chancers who joined politics just to make money.

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    On point Mr Editor (Political), what a nonsensical treasonous dream!

    • Dr. Cetshwayo

      Sies wena nja yeZanu


        Wena traditional doctor, inja ngunyoko, uyezwa!!? And this Gukurahundi u always make noise about, it’s not going to help you and your kind in any way. I lost relatives as well, but I won’t use the dead, instead, common sense…
        Just concentrate on your roots and concoctions, sihlama somdala!

    • uMkhonto

      This is not treasonous at all. The editor is lost. The king is not political at all. Wena Tshuma yekela uku setshenziswa nga bantu onga baziyo. Yi nkosi yakho lawe le, uyi hloniphe. A bantu be Harare abala ndaba lawe unga gunyulwa e msebenzini at any time. The kingdom must be revived as it is our hope to develop Matebeleland and Midlands which have been neglected by the Harare based government. Look at the companies that were deliberately closed down in Matebeland and Midlands and then opened in Harare. Wake up mr editor Tshuma stop denigrating your own people.

    • Top Sgelekeqe

      Treasonous? You now have learnt English; so get him arrested then and stop making noise!

  • koka

    what is wrong with voting a postman, sheeben queen etc to parliament? afterall that parliament is a joke to say the least.

  • Dr. Cetshwayo

    Matebeleland is actually not safe with Mugabe who is a actually the biggest political clown in the country, the fool murdered my people with his generals such as Perence Shiri and Chiwenga and the late Mujuru… people in Matebeleland can actually only trust their own not strangers especially those from our region and especially those who are not Zanu pf since Zanu is behind the suffering of Mthwakazi nation. We will not be fooled by you Zanu govt reps


      All the best in your Mthwakazi illusionary nonsense, silima sothuvi

      • Dr. Cetshwayo

        Islima sothuvi siyazi nguwe ndoda yes’shoneni


          And I have a farm and cattle in the heart of Matabeleland, ready to marry your daughter or even take your wife, anytime kkkk


    You can only consider the Mthwakazi issue as treasonous if you have some screws missing ion your head. Mthwakazi Kingdom is real, and the people of Mthwakazi now want to be recognised Whether it remains part of Zimbabwe or opts out, will be determined by the powers that be. It is not the desire of Mthwakazi to break away from Zimbabwe, but the people of Mthwakazi are denied recognition and self determination, then there will be no choice but to part ways. It cannot be business as usual. The Zulu Kingdom in Kwazulu Natal exists within South Africa, and is recognised in full. If anyone wants to deny Mthwakazi its existence, its a recipe for disaster. So please, let us be!!!!


      Opt out of what? With what? And where did they evr come from and with what?

      • Top Sgelekeqe

        Well where did you come from yourself? Did you or your ancestors drop from the heavens above to find yourselves in that part of Southern Africa? Be serious and talk like an educated person!

  • Brutal Truth

    I’ve seen clowns before,this nincompoop beats them all

  • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

    1).Self anointed Ndebele King
    2).So if our King is an obscure political outfit as described in this paper what benefit will he bring to Matabeleland.
    3). Giving him attention is a waste of time
    4). So all this was started by self exiled Paul Siwela
    5).His inauguration is on 12 September, he’s being inaugurated by who??
    6). People came to witness his precarious dance with treason

    Why is it that whenever such issues come out, our usual and respected commentators on this platform suddenly disappear and are never heard of and they know themselves?
    Especially the one who always wants to be viewed as an elderly to people on this platform. You think you can be an elder to people whilst stating your assumptions, who will you be trying to brainwash. Don’t you have kids to be posing as an elder to? When some then correct you they are quick to be attacked by a multitude of gullible imbeciles who just follow blindly.

    • Dumi

      You are supposed to be a moderator not a Political commentator. You drive people off the platform and bully them delete their posts and then you want to know why they are absent? Yes we know it is you again.

      • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

        Mamela Mpintsh’ you know it’s me again, sengiyalahleka ngempela, enhlek ayazi ukuthi uthetha ngani mara ayazani futhi, so wena suke’duze kwam’ niyachoma ngempela!!

        • Dumi

          I have tried leave you alone but you still surprise me that you get rid of people and then when they are absent and you have no one to argue with susibalesizungu. You have no idea what you are messing with here. All these arguments that people make on this Platform are happening in our streets. These kind of platforms are the ones that make people heal and get a a lot off their chests. You then get people like Legal Eagle whom you have driven out of this Platform just because he was making people aware that they do have legal rights and he done this not getting involved in any Political debate yet you still despised him. What is it that you are after? Is it to keep the people in our region in the dark about legal matters? Which ever way you look at it you have been instrumental in turning this Platform into a dull platform entertained by Robots.

          • Khanka

            I concur. Ngiyavuma.

          • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

            ma uyindoda z’lwele mani!!

      • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

        Ndiyathemba ukuba nikhe najonga apha kwinkqubo yosuku ukuba igama lam alikho, kodwa ndiyalelwe nguweDumi ukuba ndithethe.

        • Dumi

          I will never silence anyone or refuse anyone to speak. In any case I have got what I wanted off my chest and I don’t think it is worth my while to continue here. It is just no longer worth it. If this is what you wanted know that you have succeeded.

          • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

            hawu wehla wenyuka nje yini bo!!. Kodwa futhi usemningi omsebenzi osihlalele. Okwenza ukuba ungabi lula umsebenzi wethu ukuthi iqophelo lezincwadi ezibhalwayo lilokhu liya ngokwenyukela. Lowo ofuna ukubamba iqhaza kumele abhunkule ukuze angathi uyangena kube khona abathi ‘uzodlala ngomsebenzi nje’. Ababhali bayolokhu belizwe njalo libakhuthaza kwenanele amawa nezintaba izwi lomfo aTheninja lithi ‘Ayilwe ngamabhuku impi!’

      • Sakhiseni Pulane Ntombela

        Wee ndoda, ayazani mina ngise Clairmont phambi kwe New Germany kulana eyihlalakhona. Bakhona khona ababhali ebebethi uma kungasenazinkinga zombusazwe akukho okutheni umuntu ngakubhala. Nokho sikholwa ngukuthi ngenxa yokuba AmaNguni/Ndebele ebengagxile kuzo ezombusazwe kuphela, kodwa ebheke nempilo uqobo ababhali abazukukhinyabezeka. Bazoqhubeka besenekela impilo – impilo eqhubekayo, noma inkululeko ikhona noma ingekho. Isimo esisha, ikakhulu kwezepolitiki sesibaphonsela inselelo ukuba bagiye. Ngabe mhlawumbe bazokhala ngokuthi akusekho nkinga abangabhala ngayo manje?