UPDATED: Sex worker dies at client’s house. . . Police confirm sudden death report

Polite Ncube

Polite Ncube

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A SUSPECTED sex worker died yesterday at her client’s house in Bulawayo’s Barbourfields suburb.

Polite Ncube (29) of 4039 Mbuyazwe, Barbourfields suburb said Hazel Sibanda (27) died at around 11AM after she had allegedly complained of not feeling well earlier that morning.

Bulawayo Metropolitan police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed receiving a report of a case of sudden death.

“We are investigating a case of sudden death of a woman who died in a house in Barbourfields suburb this morning. The man summoned an ambulance but the ambulance crew pronounced her dead on arrival at the scene,” she said.

Ncube said he was a regular client to Sibanda who he usually picked up along 13th Avenue where she paraded among other sex workers.

He said Sibanda had informed him that she was HIV positive but had since defaulted on her anti-retroviral treatment.

“We met in 2016 while she was on business but she moved to South Africa until her return recently. When I met her earlier this year she informed me that she was now HIV positive and would on some instances be down. Sometimes I even accommodated her for a day or two at the house which I’m taking care of.

“This morning she told me she was not feeling well. She asked me to get an ambulance for her. When I returned with the ambulance, the paramedics declared her dead,” said Ncube, who appeared to be in shock.

He said he did not know any of Sibanda’s relatives or where she lived in Bulawayo.

“I only remember that she once mentioned that her rural home was in Mbembesi.

“Two weeks ago I forced her to go to hospital after her body was swelling but unfortunately she was not attended to because she didn’t have any money on her,” he said.

When The Chronicle news crew arrived at the scene, police had also just arrived and Sibanda’s body lay covered with a blanket on a mattress on the floor.

She lay facing up with her mouth open and ants were all over her body.

Residents at Mbuyazwe Flats said they had seen Sibanda leaving the house on several instances and could see she was not well as she struggled to walk to the road to catch a commuter omnibus.

“What we don’t understand is how someone can continue to have sex with an ailing person. It is even amazing how the frail woman managed to stand on the street corners for sex work,” said a woman at Mbuyazwe Flats who preferred anonymity.


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  • Sad

    There is more to this story, more investigations

  • Ziso


  • Moyo

    Chronicle is it ethical to mention the deceased’s name without first informing her next if kin?

    • only me

      Chronicle operates on Zero ethics as it is competing with uMthunywa

    • Kabius Kekedu

      Since relatives are not known, its a way of looking for them and solve the problem. That ethical requirement is contextual like all other ethics. They are not adhered to in a vacuum.

  • Brutal Truth

    “Killed” in action(KIA),,,,like a true soldier kkkkk

    • John Cena

      Have respect for the deceased, for all you know your mother could have been doing worse things than this. So please behave yourself, keep your tail in between your legs.

      • Brutal Truth

        I swear I didn’t know she was your sister bro,I’m sorry didn’t mean to press any buttons

        • John Cena

          Just because as a toddler you once walked in on your mother being fondled and upon asking what her male counterpart was doing, you were told he’s pressing buttons, now you believe people have buttons to be pressed. Shame you really are an imbecile, a true reflection of where you were brought up, we always believe Shona people are uncouth and lack in morals you are a good example for that. Thanks for confirming what we have always known wena Shona lothuvi, if you know what I mean.

          • siphilanzima

            inhlamba ngapha kufiwe

          • John Cena

            Sorry I just had to tell the idiot.

          • Brutal Truth

            Your descriptions of a hure of a mother or should i say chihure by a mother are so detailed something that makes me believe you are talking from experience. Struggling with the trauma of being raised by mai vaihura?You talk nothing else but chihure chihure & chihure, is that the only I insult you know?What’s with the obsession?…
            I’m only talking about chihure coz this is what this story is about & you?You’ve gone on & on & on & on…& still going on

          • John Cena

            what vivid description can be more than saying she was a soldier, hence I had to remind you that whilst she was a mere soldier your queen was a commander in chief, very high up the prostitution ladder.

  • scombination

    Abantu balesibindi phandle la!!!! Ya ikuku iyathandeka shemu….

    • Mkhokheli Ndiweni

      Grow up you dunderhead, wadlula zisengwa yini wena mntanekhikhitha. I’m sure unyoko wakuthola e Manor or e Waverly Hotel fuseki mani.

      • scombination

        Msathanyoko wena mgodoyi. Ngunyoko wakho lowo okhuluma ngaye…..yini oPolite…..tsek!!!

        • Mkhokheli Ndiweni

          You’ve got nothing to say wena suka lapha. You said ikuku iyathandeka phandle la judging from the number of men who frequented your place soliciting for sexual favours from your mom. That’s how you got to know about ukuthandeka kwayo phandle lapho.

          • scombination

            You are the one who has nothing to say….my mother!? Mfanami you just gave us an actual brief detail if how your mother lured our hard working uncles. Just because whore Monet raised you doesn’t imply it is morally righteous. Ngiyaphinda njalo: msathanyoko!!!

          • Mkhokheli Ndiweni

            haha I won’t resort to inhlamba, I prefer whipping you verbally. Ngikushaya ngamazwi mafana, woza I’m stil not done. Let’s put aside ukuthi wena watholwa e Manor or e Waverly.

          • scombination

            Verbally? The only verbal prowess you spit out is diarrhoea.

      • Gatsheni

        Wena CIO u are back. This guy is a Shona and uzenza umuntu wakoMthwakazi..we see u boy

        • Mkhokheli Ndiweni

          what CIO lawe wena mntanesfebe, ungathi sewuya sangana nje lana!!

          • Gatsheni

            U think asikwazi nja yeZanu, always writing kak about Ndebeles using Ndebele names nxaaa usjwayela kabi wena Shona

          • Mkhokheli Ndiweni

            If I’m back home in Bulawayo I’m at Zara opposite Rainbow Hotel come and we finish it off once and for all muthaf ucker!!
            Uyazi uyachoma yazi!!

    • gwayelide

      Manje ikuku imnandi inuka, izamhisha kkkk

  • Vumani

    A sad state of affairs post mortem might reveal cause of death chap exhibited some compassion by calling paramedics MHSRIP if he,d done something sinister he would have tried to conceal her demise.

  • timmie Dance

    I think Moyo you did not go through this story fully.The deceased’s relatives are not known.Otherwise the moment a relative picks of the name them she can be given a decent burial.I think this Polite can tell more to this death but if the deceased defaulted in taking her drugs then it tells it all.

  • malume Makhovula

    painful story

  • makhulela

    In our African traditions what Polite did can invite a curse to his family members, failure to know her relatives from 2016 up to now, asazi

    • scombination

      Dude was a customer qha….

  • ntaba

    engxenye u Polite ubemsebenzisa njengebhiza umuntu waze waphela amandla

  • Njomane

    Shame ideed. Polite really loved the woman. And she loved him too. May her soul rest in peace

    • C10

      If in business you ever get a client or two like Polite you’ll be sorted for life. Loyal to the very end.

  • Dk. Mtkt

    Sad. Very sad.

  • Paul Shoko

    Hopefully the guy was protecting himself

  • mafu

    some people leave taking their medication because of prophets who would have declared you are healed

  • bhinikwa

    Polite why not get a proper girlfriend than go for a hooker. HIV is still killing people & whatever protection you use is not 100% safe. If she was a proper regular hooker then no need to divulge your relatives to a client, in as must much as this hooker probably didnt know Polites relatives as well.

    • Mkhokheli

      By saying a ‘proper girlfriend’ do you mean to say that thousands of those who are living with HIV aren’t proper? This Polite is a really symbol of humanity. You will be surprised that he was not doing anything with this woman, but giving her care as needed. People need to support this man, not to say bad things about him. He gave a fellow human being a dignified death place other than dying on the streets like a dog. These are the champions of fighting HIV?AIDS stigma. To HIV support organisation, this is an ideal candidate for HIV support.

  • prakada

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  • Mgijimi

    He fell in love with someone driven by a wrong spirit. Am sure Polite wanted to cohabit with this woman long back. He had high hopes but for the love of money Hazel look how it went. Ther would be more successful marriages out there but money is juss having a wrong course of direction.

  • juan aiguo

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