. . . as Kamambo’s pre-election 10-point plan looks set to nail him

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. . . as Kamambo’s pre-election  10-point plan looks set to nail him

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Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
Zifa president Felton Kamambo has to date managed to fulfil just two promises out of 10 he made to the electorate in the run up to the 2018 Zifa elections that saw him shock incumbent and huge favourite Phillip Chiyangwa.

Kamambo had laid to the table what he called “My 10 point plan,” which seem to have charmed 35 councillors who voted for him while 24 were in favour of the flamboyant businessman, Chiyangwa.

Today we look at each of his 10 promises which he made to the electorate and indeed Zimbabweans as he angled to oust Chiyangwa, a plan which worked wonders on 16 December  2018.

1. Relocation of Zifa to Zifa House

During the Chiyangwa era, Zifa business was now being conducted at Chiyangwa’s personal offices in Highlands. Kamambo promised to relocate association business to 53 Livingstone Way in the Central Business District and on this, he was successful and we give him 10 out of 10.

2. Forensic audit since 2015
Kamambo made it clear that once he assumed office, he was going to immediately order a forensic audit of the association’s books.

“The forensic audit shall be carried out immediately after my assumption of the presidency of Zifa. This exercise which shall not be a witch-hunt, shall however interrogate the association operations and systems before a new football dispensation is rolled out,” he said.

The forensic audit was largely influenced by allegations against some members of the board who were accused of depositing association funds into their personal accounts. That promise still hasn’t been fulfilled and instead, Kamambo’s executive committee did exactly the same thing he accused the previous regime of doing, depositing association funds into an individual’s account and the matter has since attracted the attention of the anti-corruption watchdog (Zacc). For this, Kamambo gets zero out of 10.

3. Re-engagement of creditors
There were attempts for a dialogue with creditors who included former employees. Taking advantage of the decision by Government to peg the United States currency at 1:1 to the Zimbabwean currency, Kamambo paid off some of the association’s creditors while others flatly refused. For the dialogue and attempt to offset what they owed, he gets five out of 10.

4. Re-engagement of stakeholders
While this was always unclear what exactly Kamambo meant or which particular stakeholders he meant, one would want to believe that he meant stadium owners like municipalities, service providers like Zimbabwe Republic Police and others with a view of having them properly maintaining their facilities in the case of municipalities or coming up with waiver of ground charges especially for national teams. Service providers like ZRP would also be engaged on behalf of PSL clubs during matches so that they reduce their rates or totally do away with. This never happened and if it did, it was certainly not a successful journey and its a zero out of 10 score.

5. Austerity measures
This involves cost cutting measures. Zifa is into football business, all our national teams are under its purview and everything possible should be done to ensure these representative sides succeed in all their competitions.

Early this year, we saw Zifa withdrawing all junior teams from participating in international competitions. Zifa could not organise friendly matches for the Warriors citing lack of funding. This was certainly not the austerity measures the nation had in mind. These decisions were shocking and a huge let down to the nation.
Kamambo gets minus three out of 10 for this.

6. Debt serving strategy
Whatever plan Kamambo had for executing this, we haven’t heard of any increase in debt for the association, maybe the upcoming annual general meeting will reveal more but for now we shall give it to Kamambo, 10 out of 10.

7. Strategic plan 2019-2023
If its there, it wasn’t made public and therefore, we can neither criticise nor praise. Its an unmarked paper!

8. Construction of new Zifa House
Its a clear fail so its zero out of 10.

9. Dollar for football
The idea was initially started by veteran administrator and former Zifa vice-president Ndumiso Gumede. The idea was to have people donating a single dollar towards the game. Kamambo bought the brilliant idea but never activated it. He gets zero out of 10.

10. Zifa investments
The idea was an excellent one but it died a still birth. Nothing was done and for this it’s a zero out of 10.

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