Body parts in a bag… man found with human head, private parts

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Body parts in a bag… man found with human head, private parts Honest Moyo

The Chronicle

Honest Moyo

Honest Moyo

Richard Muponde, Gwanda Correspondent
A 22-YEAR-OLD man from Gwanda has been arrested after being found with a human head and male private parts.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident yesterday.

Honest Moyo had allegedly packed the head and scrotum that had two testicles in a bag in a kitchen hut at his rural homestead of Garanyemba when police caught up with him. He denied having killed the man, saying he just “saw” the body at a dumpsite and decided to remove its head and testicles with a view to selling them.

The incident has left the community of Garanyemba in Gwanda Central shell shocked.

A source close to the matter said the heinous act came to light when Moyo was visited by his cousin, Mr Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu (19), at his mother’s homestead on Thursday afternoon.

Moyo’s mother, Ms Beauty Ndlovu, was not at home as she works at a farm in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

The Chronicle caught up with Mr Ndlovu yesterday and he narrated the hair-raising story of his grisly find.

He said he had heard rumours that his cousin, Moyo was in possession of human body parts.

“I left my grandmother’s homestead going to my aunt’s homestead who is Honest’s mother. When I arrived he heard my footsteps and came out of the kitchen hut in a huff. He was holding a bloodied scissors,” said Mr Moyo, who added that recalling the incident still caused him to break out in goosebumps.

“When I asked him where the blood was coming from he said he had cut himself while shaving his armpit,” said Mr Ndlovu.

Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu

Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu

He said his cousin blocked him from entering the kitchen hut, which made him more curious.

“I then forced my way in and came face-to-face with the greatest horror of my life. I was greeted by a bearded human head which was on top of a bloodied sack and a bloodied satchel was on its side. I blindly stumbled out of the house and ran away,” said Mr Ndlovu.

He said Moyo pursued him, threatening to kill him if he told anyone about the human body parts.

Mr Ndlovu said he outpaced his cousin, who fled from the homestead.

“I still can’t believe what I saw. I told my grandmother and other villagers. Muchengeti Mazondo, one of the villagers, called Guyu Police Station and reported the incident,” he said.

Moyo, Mr Ndlovu said, was apprehended by villagers at Garanyemba Business Centre, who handed him over to the police.

Mr Ndlovu said the experience had traumatised him and he was having nightmares.

“It’s haunting me. I didn’t suspect my cousin could do such a thing,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said Moyo told the police that he did not kill the person but found him dead at a dumpsite in Colleen Bawn.

“He said when he saw the body while herding cattle, he thought of a certain businessman in West Nicholson who once told him he wanted a human head and testicles. He said he just harvested the parts from the body,” he said.

Yesterday, Moyo led police to a dumpsite in Colleen Bawn where he allegedly said he had left the mutilated body in a shallow grave.

Detectives recovered the headless body and conveyed it to Gwanda Provincial Hospital mortuary for postmortem. — @richardmuponde.

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