Zinara throws exciting promotions during ZITF Zinara head of corporate communications and marketing Mrs Tsungie Manyeza

Chronicle Reporter

ZINARA has partnered several corporates to offer a number of promotions aimed at promoting vehicle licensing compliance at the 64th  Zimbabwe International Trade Fair which opens in Bulawayo on Tuesday.

Vehicle licensing constitutes more than 30 percent of Zinara’s total collections and the  organisation seeks to increase compliance rate to over 90 percent by year end.

Corporates that have joined hands with Zinara on this exciting and rewarding promotion include Old Mutual Group, Cabs and CBZ.

CBZ is offering an attractive discount for all light motor vehicles when their vehicle license are renewed at the Zinara ZITF stand. The offer is open to all those who will insure with CBZ insurance.

Meanwhile, Old Mutual is offering airtime to those renewing their licenses and insuring with them during the exhibition show.

On its part, Zinara is offering free toll passes to exhibitors who will renew their licenses at the stand on the opening day.  This promotion has raised much interest and excitement among exhibitors.

Speaking to the Chronicle at the company’s ZITF exhibition stand yesterday, Zinara head of corporate communications and marketing Mrs Tsungie Manyeza said the road fund manager was collaborating with various corporates to come up with initiatives that could help to increase compliance rate.

Said Mrs Manyeza: “We are delighted to be taking part in this year’s edition of the ZITF exhibition whose theme is anchored on innovation. As an institution we are devising a plethora of innovative ways of promoting vehicle licensing which is one of our biggest revenue streams. I am happy to share with the nation that as part of our innovations we have partnered corporates to offer vehicle licensing discounts during ZITF.

“On the disbursement front, we have also come up with an exciting innovation model that preserve the value of our disbursements that we do to the road authorities. This year we are going to procure some pieces of equipment for all the road authorities. We have also procured fuel for the road authorities to ensure that they accelerate road maintenance projects in their areas.”

Mrs Manyeza said the exhibition is designed to highlight their strategic vision in terms of road infrastructure maintenance.

“We are proud to showcase how Zinara is implementing its strategic vision which seeks to complement the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) in line with Vision 2030,” said Mrs Manyeza.

“Our exhibits feature some of the projects that we funded in 2023 that are enhancing safety and efficiency on our roads while also reducing environmental impact.

“Events like ZITF allow us to build excitement around the future of road infrastructure in Zimbabwe. We hope attendees will be inspired by the potential that we have to improve people’s lives through better and safer roads.”

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