Let’s immortalise  our freedom values Freedom fighters during the early stages of the war

Stephen Mpofu

GENUINE sons and daughters of our Zimbabwean soil bear an indispensable responsibility to ensure that all born-frees in our motherland embrace and protect the two values that make our nation what it is today.

This particular discourse is about the need to immortalise in black and white our hard-won independence and freedom or else political immolation will become a curse for our nation with laws in the progressive world thumbing their noses at us for faking a “hard-won independence” via a “liberation struggle”.

Schools and parents are therefore obligated to ensure that children born after April 18 1980 pride themselves on their ubuntu/hunhu as created in the image and likeness of God and not as beasts in the wild as blacks in this country and elsewhere on our continent were treated like beasts by our racist colonisers and as a result of which violent confrontations were resorted to by the oppressed as a source of self-liberation from the colonisation and oppression scourge.

It is all very well that the history of the liberation of blacks in this country from oppression by our erstwhile colonisers and oppressors has been included in heritage studies in our schools in a bid to raise awareness about who we are, where we came from and what we should be in brave new futures as people with rights, obligations and needs to meet for peace, harmony and stability.

This communicologist believes much more can and should, be done to empower all born-frees with the need to jealously and zealously protect for the good of everyone while this world of trials and tribulations lasts.

Liberation history books containing gems of information from those who fought in the armed revolution before they depart from this world should be produced to inundate our libraries in order for non-students and for foreigners visiting our country to access them with the latter benefiting from the literature, where necessary, for the good of the people back home in their native countries.

Regular discussions on radio and television on the liberation of our country and the benefit derived from it might well make political stooges of western imperialists shy away from colluding with their masters to overthrow Zimbabwe’s legitimate government so that they, the sellouts, may be drawn into power by the nose to usher in a neo-colonial regime in Zimbabwe.

Parents and other relatives of young or non-school going children might wish regularly to teach their offspring about where our country came from and what they, the children are required to do for the freedom, peace and tranquillity in our country to continue ad infinitum all the while also benefiting them as well.

Thus, the guardianship of our hard-won uhuru should be the responsibility of everyone, young and old, to protect from those seeking political aggrandisement for themselves and their members regardless of whether anyone else in the country suffers any want.

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