Bosso player & manager fight: New details emerge

17 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views
Bosso player & manager fight: New details emerge Denzel Khumalo

The Chronicle

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter

NEW details have emerged over the Denzel Khumalo and team manager Vezigama Dlodlo’s fist fight this week after it was revealed yesterday that the fiasco was over $50 which was supposed to be given to Khumalo.

While the club said there will be formal investigations by the disciplinary committee on the matter, Chronicle Sport was given the details about what really transpired on Wednesday leading to Khumalo landing a punch on his manager.

“We are not condoning what Denzel did but the truth of the matter is that, after training, we were supposed to get our training allowances which was $100 per player. The manager then said for Denzel it will be $50 because the club had fined him the other part,” said a source.

When Khumalo learned that he was getting half the amount of what his colleagues would be getting, he then told Dlodlo to go ahead and give him the money “since it’s mine.”

“Somehow Vezigama was offended by the utterances as he too responded harshly and said he must not be spoken to in such a disrespectful manner. He then said he had the powers not to even give Denzel the $50 and true to his word, he got into his car and was about to drive off without giving Denzel his money,” said the source.

However, Khumalo would have none of it. He grabbed the door while shouting some obscenities, forcing Dlodlo to stop the car and come out, probably ready to “discipline” the errant boy.

Sensing danger, Khumalo is alleged to have landed the first punch and it was then that captain Ariel Sibanda quickly intervened.

“In my view, the manager was also wrong just like Khumalo and if ever there is anyone going, they both must go, we can’t have a young boy being sacrificed harshly like that,” said the source.

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