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BREAK YOUR WATER POT AND RISE UP! Bible- Image taken from Shutterstock

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WOMEN must know that Christ died for them, the same way Christ died for men. Rise up and be the women God created you to be. Break the water pot that says women are useless, gossipers and fashion chasers. When a woman does something wrong you always get feedback from the men, like, “women are always troublesome, useless, always fighting, and they behave like children.” Women of GOD, don’t settle for anything less than GOD’S best. You deserve it!!!

Some have labelled women as “money lovers”, good for nothing, competitive, full of pride and manipulative to an extent that some women have accepted these “water pot beliefs”. But that is wrong!


God did not have “troublesome” in his mind when he created a woman and it was never Gods will for women to be treated like that and to be called such names. Some men believe that women only dress up to lure men and not just to look good for themselves. In fact it is a sin to speak negative against someone, those are dogmatic mindsets. For a woman to be used by God, there is need to break whatever type of “water pot” she is holding onto. As a woman you must know what water pot you are carrying.

You must understand that you are not like traffic police, giving way and directing people to drive their lives to greater distances, while you remain stagnant, bound by your water pot.

A woman before God is a very powerful and treasured possession that is very useful and tremendously productive. A woman was designed to carry a child in her womb for nine months, having the opportunity to be the first person to hold that child after birth and feed that child.

water pot

What an amazing experience. Jesus respects women. Jesus encouraged Martha and Mary to sit at his feet as disciples. Jesus included women in his ministry. The disciples joined women who were ministering the word of

Jesus, because Jesus had also given these women an instruction to go and tarry. Gods original plan was to return a woman to her original place – on the side of a man. Thus they often forbid women to speak in the church.

God Bless..
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