CMED gets top range road equipment

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CMED gets top range road equipment Central Mechanical and Engineering Department

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Auxilia Katongomara, Business Reporter

THE Central Mechanical and Engineering Department (CMED) has acquired state-of-the-art road construction equipment that is set to ease and fast track road maintenance in the country.

The machine called the ‘Road Reclaimer’ cuts out five processes and completes work that usually takes months in a few hours. In an interview at the just ended 2019 Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, CMED business development and marketing manager, Mr Ostern Nyamande, said the high tech machine was the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.

“It cost us about US$700 000. It’s a marvelous machine in that it is high tech. In Zimbabwe there is no other machine that can meet the specs of this machine. It can actually undertake five processes in one run. 

“The processes, whether using those jack hammers or whether you are using a grader or you want to use a tipper front end loader, are limited,” said Mr Nyamande.

He said the Road Reclaimer combines all processes and can go to a depth of 50 centimetres.

“You don’t need to take whatever that you would have removed from the road to dump it elsewhere and bring in new material, it can cut up to a maximum depth of 50 centimetres. It crushes the tar, stones underneath and it also crushes the gravel. Once that is done it then mixes and dumps it in one run, you won’t be able to see it,” said Mr Nyamande.

He said the machine leaves a smooth surface as it goes and its maximum speed is 2,5 kilometres per hour.

“It combines five processes and brings them into one. Its maximum speed is about 2,5 kilometres per hour but because of the jobs that it would be doing you will find out that we have not used it to its maximum  speed. 

“It does four to five kilometres a day, which would previously take about a month using the other machinery. What you probably do in a month, this machine can do it for you in hours,” said Mr Nyamande.

He said the machine produces better quality roads as stones and gravel are crushed and compacted evenly during the process.

Mr Nyamande said their target market for the machine were road authorities, rural district councils, DDF and the roads department. He said they were leasing out the machine for US$1 000 a day and they had only one at the moment but were working on acquiring two more.

“We now have confidence in the machine and the market is now demanding this type of machine. Our technicians were trained on its operation and they are now well equipped to operate this machine,” said Mr Nyamande.

CMED also specialises in car hire as well as driving school training and has a full range of vehicles for different needs. He dismissed the notion that the car hire was open only to Government saying CMED was a commercial entity, which is open to everyone.

“Being a commercial entity, we are open to anyone who is ready to do commercial business with us. Of course we give priority to Government at the same time providing a service to the general public. Individuals are welcome to hire vehicles of their own choice,” Mr Nyamande said.

For car hire, he said, one was required to bring an identity document and a drivers’ licence but they also offer drivers to those who want to be chauffer driven.

— AuxiliaK

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