COMMENT: Expedite Kwekwe Government Complex construction

Government has announced that it will speed up the construction of a Government Complex in the City of Kwekwe which it says is now a necessity.

The city, one of the country’s fast growing towns, does not have a Government Complex to accommodate Government departments.

The different Government ministries are renting offices in different parts of the city thereby inconveniencing members of the public seeking Government services. Some of the Government departments are being accommodated in dilapidated buildings such as the one accommodating Zec, Department of Social Welfare and Messenger of Court.

The District Development Co-ordinator, District Development Fund (DDF), the Civil Court and Registry are all crammed in a dilapidated building that has since been decommissioned because there are fears that the ground could cave in as there are mine tunnels running under the building.

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo who was in Kwekwe on Thursday to assess damage at Globe and Phoenix Primary School where a classroom floor collapsed into a mine shaft, said Government will speedily construct the complex as this is now an emergency.

Minister Moyo said the building housing Government departments was in danger as there are mine tunnels running under it. Government on Thursday shut down Globe and Phoenix Primary School after 18 pupils were injured when a classroom floor collapsed into a mine shaft.

The gaping hole left when a classroom floor collapsed into an underground mining shaft

Minister Moyo said following the incident, President Mnangagwa directed that a geospatial survey be carried out at the Globe and Phoenix compound and surrounding areas to ascertain the extent of the damage caused by mining activities.

He said there are fears that the prevailing situation could be a pointer to greater disaster looming in Kwekwe. “There is a need for mining engineers to look at the whole system that is prevailing in Kwekwe,” said Minister Moyo. Government announced late last year that it intends to build a state- of-the-art Government Complex in Kwekwe to accommodate all Government departments.

Minister July Moyo

A number of buildings where Government departments are operating from have been condemned. Kwekwe City Council has already allocated land for the construction of the complex. The lack of proper Government offices is said to be compromising service delivery.

Now that Government has said the complex is a necessity, it is our hope that construction will start soon. Government offices are the image of the city and when Government departments operate from dilapidated buildings it gives a bad image of the city especially to investors.

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