COMMENT: Illegal sanctions have no place in the new normal

26 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views
COMMENT: Illegal sanctions have no place in the new normal

The Chronicle

Yesterday the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the progressive world joined Zimbabwe to push for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the US and its Western allies.

The member states engaged in different activities to mark the Sadc Anti- Sanctions Day.  Sadc Heads of State and Government in 2019 proclaimed October 25 as a day of solidarity with the Zimbabwean people against sanctions.

In a statement to mark the Sadc Anti-Sanctions Solidarity Day, Sadc chairperson and Malawi president Lazarus Chakwera said the regional block stands firm in solidarity with the Government of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans in calling for the removal of the illegal sanctions.

He said the sanctions have had devastating effects on the lives of Zimbabweans. “As Sadc, we are concerned by the continuation of sanctions on some individuals or entities of Zimbabwe and hereby call for the unconditional and immediate lifting of the sanctions.

There is no doubt that this lifting of the sanctions will facilitate socio-economic recovery and enable Zimbabwe to meet her national and regional economic development plans as well as effectively manage her international obligations,” said president Chakwera.

He said the illegal sanctions have seen Zimbabwe failing to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) which is key in global rebuilding of economies.

President Chakwera said the sanctions increase the perception that Zimbabwe is in the high-risk profile category thereby diminishing the credibility of investment and investor confidence while exacerbating investment risks.
Apart from discouraging foreign investors from coming to Zimbabwe, the sanctions have seen many local companies failing to retool or get working capital. It is a fact that the sanctions have not only affected Zimbabwe but the entire Sadc region.

The severity of the impact of the sanctions has been compounded by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic hence the outcry from Sadc and the entire progressive world for the embargo to be lifted.

We want to believe as the Sadc countries yesterday observed the Sadc Anti-Sanctions Solidarity Day, the US and its Western Allies took time to introspect and objectively analysed the impact of the sanctions on ordinary Zimbabweans.

The calls for the unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions have come from across the globe and as we have said before, it is time the voice of reason prevails.

Zimbabwe despite being endowed with vast natural resources, will never realise its full potential as long as its business operations are constrained by sanctions.

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