Cracks emerge at Military Touch. . . Jah Prayzah hogs limelight, Muridzo claims Military Touch Movement artistes
Military Touch Movement artistes

Military Touch Movement artistes

RISING star, Andy Muridzo, has admitted that the Military Touch Movement, Jah Prayzah’s record label, is suppressing its artistes and focusing more on Jah Prayzah.

Fans have been questioning Muridzo’s place within the movement, with many feeling that he is no longer his own man, but a hero worshipper scrounging for cigarette butts dropped by Jah Prayzah.

After much grilling on Star FM’s 3to6 Express last week, Muridzo threw in the towel and admitted that Military Touch would be a better place if all artistes were treated equally. Artistes who are signed under the label currently include ExQ, Tahle, Nutty O and producers DJ Tamuka and Daniel Chiweda.

“I agree that the same way Jah Prayzah is being marketed should be the same way we market ExQ, Tahle and Nutty O. I must say it’s my hope that one day it’ll get there,” admitted a jittery Muridzo.

Muridzo’s recent album launch in Harare was a perfect display of mediocrity in terms of the Muridzo brand marketing, with even the bottled water available branded Jah Prayzah.

“Yes, there were several hiccups during that launch and I must admit that about the water, indeed we were wrong there. But people should give Military Touch some time to prove itself.”

He said he was still his own man despite working under Jah Prayzah – an artiste who at one point was believed to be Muridzo’s competitor.

“People should know that I’m still my own person even though I’m under this brand (Military Touch),” said Muridzo.

He justified his contract with Military Touch saying it was based on vision and ambition to break into the African music ranks as was done by Jah Prayzah.

“Jah Prayzah has already penetrated Africa and I’m under Military Touch trying to do the same. My move to join the label was calculated based on my vision which is to take my music to Africa,” explained Baba Keketso.

Supporting his artiste, Muridzo’s manager Gift Petro admitted that prominence and salience is being given to Jah Prayzah at the expense of other up-and-coming Military Touch Movement artistes. He however, said the team was working on resolving this. “People should know that we’re doing all we can to try and split the Military Touch Movement brand and the Jeetaz (Muridzo’s) Band’s brand. I can promise that we are working on it,” he said.

Interestingly, Keen Mushapaidze, Jah Prayzah’s band manager who has also been tasked to manage the stable, has not been posting much on social media about other artistes. The manager, who never misses an opportunity to market Jah Prayzah’s works, was laid back when Muridzo launched his album last month, only to briefly post about Emma, a track on the album which featured Jah Prayzah. Days later, his pages were awash with Jah Prayzah’s latest single – Sendekera.

Jah Prayzah and Mushapaidze were not available for comment as they had travelled to the UK for shows there.

When he signed Muridzo just after forming the record label in January this year, Jah Prayzah said all artistes had the same contracts and would be treated equally adding that the label would benefit them more than him.

“Andy came to my office for a courtesy visit last week and during our discussions, I told him my plans for the project and he did not hesitate to join, saying he belongs here with us. We’ve signed Andy Muridzo to our stable and his contract is similar to the other artistes we’ve signed up.

“These contracts benefit the artistes more than the company because I’ve a passion to nurture talent and make Zimbabwe a great music country,” said Jah Prayzah. – ZimboJam/Showbiz Reporter

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