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GOSSIPING is a sign of failure, in life. People that gossip feel better about themselves by spreading stories about people which are mostly lies. They gossip because that is the only thing that gives them comfort and protection in knowing that other people also have bad moments and bad times.


They happily comfort each other by saying, “we are not the only ones; you see that family there, they are worse than us! They are driving smart cars but all their daughters are divorced.” They even high five each other after such a conversation. They are very competitive and jealous people and this is all caused by emotional problems. They can even be jealous of their Pastor who prays for them, delivers them, and starts things for them. Such individuals will turn around and create a story and even report their man or woman of God who is prospering to the police or tax department.

Every “reporter or journalist” in the church who knows everyone’s problems and issues, has big ears like satellite dishes, to catch all the waves in the church are emotionally disturbed. When you notice that nothing in the church misses your ears, check yourself! Gossips like competition and have a demon of jealousy. Stable minded people prefer reading financial business mag- azines or newspapers that bring progress into their lives. Unstable people love newspapers and magazines that focus on negative aspects of people’s lives and gossip.

What do you benefit from reading gossip stories? Because it is a gossip story, you will never know if it is true or false. News paper Companies nowadays know that people suffer from emotional problems, so they look for gossip stories because that is where the business interest is. Someone that loves gossip can buy one newspaper three times, just to read a story about someone’s life gone wrong, or someone caught cheating. They will even buy that newspaper for their friends to read. They do this looking for comfort and closure. Human beings are looking for comfort and peace but, they are searching for it in the wrong way and in the wrong places. Your peace, closure and security comes from our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless.

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