EDITORIAL COMMENT: Members of the public must assist police in fight against crime

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Members of the public must assist police in fight against crime

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Police officers continue to be deployed countrywide to deal with all mal-performances as the force strengthens its zero tolerance against corruption by employing new strategies and tact. Some of these officers during investigations pose as ordinary commuters in order to monitor police officers’ behaviour at roadblocks. The investigating officers check on officers who use excessive force such as unnecessarily detaining motorists on roadsides.

Police national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said officers performing various duties are always supervised to ensure that they comply with set standards. She said the internal investigations unit deals with all cases of misconduct and the section has continuously devised strategies to deal with any form of misconduct.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said officers who ill-treated motorists at roadblocks were being arrested and charged with either use of excessive force or criminal abuse of office.

She however said police were not just arresting offending officers but were also training its officers on modern customer care methods, especially how to handle motorists at roadblocks.

She urged members of the public to report all cases of corruption to officers in charge commanding districts or officers commanding provinces or the national complaints desk at police headquarters.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the police were determined to rid the force of corruption hence all senior officers had been directed to deal with corruption whenever it crops up in their departments.

She said police investigators will continue to conduct regular checks at roadblocks to ensure those manning roadblocks do not engage in corruption. She warned members of the public against offering bribes to police officers at roadblocks, saying such practices fuelled corruption.

We want to commend Zimbabwe Republic Police for its commitment to rid the force of corrupt elements who tarnish its image. Traffic police have remained a thorn in the flesh for the force because of corruption.

It is however pertinent to point out that not all traffic police officers are corrupt but the few engaging in corruption have tainted the entire traffic branch. It is these bad apples that the force is fighting to either punish or remove.

Corruption at roadblocks does not only hit the pockets of motorists but also puts the lives of the travelling public at risk as unroadworthy vehicles are allowed to pass through roadblocks by corrupt police officers who are paid bribes.

The police have made an undertaking to act on all the information provided by members of the public that include motorists. It is therefore incumbent upon each and every citizen to play his or her role of assisting the police to fight to corruption.

Members of the public who pay bribes to police officers are accomplices in crime and should stop it.

We want to once again implore members of the public to join hands with the police in its clampdown on corruption that is threatening the fabric of our society.

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