Farmer cultivates 89 plants of dagga

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Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Plumtree Correspondent
A 62-YEAR-OLD farmer and his nephew have both been fined $150 for cultivating 89 plants of dagga.

Johnson Moyo planted nine plants of dagga at his farm house at Thornville Irrigation Scheme in Mangwe while his 21-year-old nephew Hloniphani Sibindi cultivated 80 plants at the same farm.

Moyo and Sibindi who appeared separately before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Joshua Mawere were convicted on their own plea of guilty to unlawful cultivation of dagga.

Mr Mawere ordered Moyo to pay $100 fine or spend 30 days in prison in case of default. Sibindi was fined $50 or sentenced to 30 days in prison in case of default.

Sibindi told the court that he had been instructed by his uncle to cultivate the dagga.

“I cultivated the dagga because my uncle had instructed me to do so and I didn’t question his order. I stay with him and I was just following his instruction,” said Sibindi.

Prosecuting, Mr Elisha Mazorodze said the pair cultivated dagga plants whose length ranged from three to 14 metres.

He said police received a tip off on November 11 that Moyo and his nephew were cultivating dagga.

Mr Mazorodze said Moyo was also found in possession of two twists of dagga in his house when police raided the place.

“Police detectives went to Moyo’s home after receiving a tip off that he and his nephew were cultivating dagga in his farm. They found 80 plants of dagga which Sibindi had cultivated. The plants measure between three to 14 metres long.

“The police detectives searched Moyo and found two twists of dagga in his trousers pocket. They also found nine dagga plants which he had cultivated in his beetroot garden,” he said.

Moyo and Sibindi were immediately arrested.

In mitigation, Moyo said the dagga helped him gain strength when working in his farm.

“I was cultivating the dagga for my own personal use Your Worship. It helps me gain strength to perform my duties around the farm,” he said.


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