Holiday Delight: MultiChoice extends children’s content access across bouquets

Showbiz Writer

To enhance the enjoyment of the school holidays, MultiChoice has made all its children’s content available to subscribers on bouquets above DStv Lite, offering significant value in children’s entertainment options from mid-April to mid-May.

Charity Njanji, head of corporate affairs and public relations at MultiChoice Zimbabwe, announced that this holiday bonus commenced on April 12th and will continue until May 11th.

“This means customers on all DStv packages above DStv Lite will have access to the best of children’s content, ensuring younger family members remain entertained throughout the school holidays during this Open Window,” she explained.

“We’re thrilled about this complimentary offer and are confident that families will appreciate the abundance of information, education, and entertainment available. For instance, DStv Access viewers will enjoy an additional seven children’s channels during this period.”

Typically exclusive to DStv Premium subscribers, the full package of channels will now be accessible to holders of Compact Plus, Compact, Family, and Access bouquets during the Open Window period. DStv Lite customers can also gain access through a short-term upgrade to DStv Access.

For more information on content and channels, Njanji urged people to visit the DStv website,

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