Hwange dare to dream

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Hwange dare to dream A view of the Hwange town

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A view of the Hwange town

A view of the Hwange town

Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd
HWANGE (Whange) is a remote town situated west of Zimbabwe with rich natural resources, wildlife, natural wonders and a humble peace loving people with a cosmopolitan socio-economic and political ambience for an inclusive community.

Marginalisation is a strong word and mindset thing is a buzz word. The Hwange you want is a manifestation of coordinated hard work of all individuals. For a malaria, coal dust and mango-infested town to rise from the shadow of the mining giant Hwange Colliery Company, one has to dream beyond what they see every day, which is now close to abject poverty.

Think Las Vegas, Dubai, act Hwange
Vegas was a desert but what you see today is just but a dream. Hwange oozes hopelessness for now but with great ideas all would change. Dubai was an undesirable place but now exhibits financial muscle and opulence of a future never envisaged. It’s now a utopia. Hwange exhibits yester-year mining scars.
Mat North 2nd capital

It has the potential to be the second capital of Matabeleland North without a shadow of doubt. Get the town status and run with it. It could involve buying Hwange Colliery Company assets in the small mining town. Services industry lobbying is necessary. You are a suitable destination for tourism and mining.

So, do advocacy for training institutions to be headquartered in Hwange. You are strategic and the sooner the better for the humble space that has been created over time.

Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL)
Leverage on this company for security, trainings and economic activities that are guaranteed by the mining giant. One day the coal reserves will dry up so make hay while the sun shines. Derive long term value for either yourselves or future generations. When the colliery closes shop one day do not cry foul.

Sports Centres
These are available at no cost, go in and groom yourself to be a great sports person. In that way will come financial freedom. Push yourselves like never before and derive an income from these facilities. Hwange has that unprecedented special DNA in sports like never seen before in our country and you better believe that if you of Hwange coordinates. Engage, participate in the vast tourism activities in the area. These are low hanging fruits. It’s in your area. So, participate and make a living off it. It is a fast growing business.

Mopani tree plantation
One area that needs cultivation for both charcoal and worms. The need to harvest sustainably is key but the area is ripe for a revolution in charcoal, delicate worms, firewood cultivation with a long term mindset under the same area. Don’t say it can’t be done or discourage those that want to do it.

Farming isn’t for you if it’s not small grain and small livestock. Be knowledgeable and do that which makes sense for you. Let’s not cut and paste from other regions nonsensical business ventures that are not suitable for the region

Land distribution
A different model is required and please join these, for example, wildlife husbandry. Mango is of course the fruit of choice. Take it to another level and do farming and processing of mangoes. With its numerous by products and ease to cultivate it’s a huge source of income, nutrition, medicinal and preserving the environment.

One Hwange one economy
Ask for the economy that you need. Do it with passion, in unison with the future in mind as it still has the potential in all aspects of the economy. Sprinkle in infrastructure development, the love for school, mentorship, incubation, management schools etc. Hwange is the future. Mark my words the future millionaires of this country will come from the Hwange area as it is virgin territory in terms of maximum exploitation.

At times you don’t have to be there (mubhoni- a native to that place) to invest in Hwange. As we aspire to inspire before we expire I do hereby beseech Dotito, Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, Binga, Plumtree please emancipate yourself from economic slavery because none but yourselves can free your minds to attain financial freedom. Pursue your dreams. Run towards your dreams despite your current circumstances as you are not your circumstances twenty years from now.

If you don’t exploit your own surroundings please do not complain when others do it on your behalf. The economy is meant for bold, innovative and very impatient entrepreneurship spirited individuals and Zimbabwe is meant for us all not where you were born from.

Taboka Makamu, eshango yako Whange…Explore Dream Discover Financial Freedom.

Morris Mpala (Mr Brown) is the managing director of MoB Capital Limited, a Bulawayo-headquartered micro-finance institution with foot print across the country.

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