It’s cold out there . . . Moyo, Zhuwao apologise for attacking Zanu-PF Prof Jonathan Moyo

Temba Dube, Online News Editor
THE self-exiled duo of former Zanu-PF Politburo members Professor Jonathan Moyo and Mr Patrick Zhuwao have written an open letter to the ruling party apologising for attacking it under #ZanuPFMustGo.

In a massive climbdown, the former Cabinet ministers regretted supporting opposition leader Mr Nelson Chamisa ahead of the 2018 elections, saying the opposition party lacks direction and capacity to develop the country.

Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao consistently criticised the Government under the #ZanuPFMustGo between 2018 and 2020.

In the letter dated 15 November 2022, the two said they regretted supporting Mr Chamisa in the 2018 elections which the revolutionary party, Zanu PF won resoundingly.

To reinforce the apology, Prof Moyo yesterday tweeted: “Attached herein is our open letter of apology to Zanu PF members that I wrote with my colleague and Comrade @PatrickZhuwao yesterday on 15 November 2022- whose contents are self-explanatory.”

Pointing out that they had seen the error of their ways, they said Zanu-PF was the only political party in the country that had the necessary ideological grounding to push it to prosperity.


“For whatever it is worth, we supported Nelson Chamisa in the 2018 general election and well after that, but we did not at any time in that process ever seek to join his then MDC-A or his new CCC. As we tender our apology to you Comrades, we do so fully aware that there is no alternative political formation in Zimbabwe that: (a) recognises, values and appreciates the liberation struggle that gave way to the country’s independence, and that (b) is also guided and informed by the genuine patriotic and nationalistic values and principles that shepherded Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle,” read part of the letter.

Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao said it was clear that anyone associated with the #ZanuPFMustGo mantra had no ideological content beyond the hashtag.

“In our view, the quest to keep or seek power for its own sake is inimical to both the public and national interests. In the circumstances, our association with the ZanuPFMustGo hashtag was ill-advised and wrong for the reasons that we have documented herein; and that is why we dropped the use of and association with that hashtag more than a year ago, hence the apology we are happy to tender to you all Zanu PF members,” they wrote.

Mr Patrick Zhuwao

They said although they stopped using the hashtag and disassociated themselves from it years ago, they felt it was proper to proffer a “long overdue” apology to the ruling party and its members for using it in the first place.

“Accordingly, and on this day of 15 November 2022, we hereby apologise to all of you Comrades most sincerely and with profound regret for our wrong use of — and ill-advised association with – the hashtag `Zanu PF Must Go’ (#ZanuPFMustGo).”

Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao said they inadvertently stepped on some toes when they spoke openly about the need to end cronyism in Zanu PF, the need to disassociate the ruling party from violence and stressed the irreversibility of Zimbabwe’s historic land reform and the formulation of comprehensive strategies for its full, efficient and productive utilisation to drive the national economy.

Other issues included the need to drive economic indigenisation and youth empowerment to transform the material and living conditions of Zimbabweans, the provision of regular and affordable electricity to households, communities, institutions, organisations commerce and industry as well as the pursuit of targeted and time-framed industrialisation and modernisation of Zimbabwe through the teaching and application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); and the funding of cutting-edge techno-start-ups, nationally and offshore, including the holding of free, fair and credible party and national elections.

President Mnangagwa

The New Dispensation under President Emmerson Mnangagwa has addressed most of the issues and continues involving every citizen in the national thrust to achieve an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

Starting with the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP-2018-2020), which ushered in comprehensive fiscal reforms, the Second Republic is now implementing the first phase of the National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025), an inclusive economic blue-print modelled around global sustainable development goals, which builds momentum towards attainment of Vision 2030.

Under the philosophy of leaving no one and no place behind, the Second Republic has initiated infrastructural projects that include the National Matabeleland Zambezi water project- which will permanently solve water problems in Matabeleland and empower thousands of farmers to contribute towards the country’s economy. The project had been in limbo for more than 100 years.

Hwange Thermal Power Station Unit 7 and 8 expansion project is set to increase electricity production and ensure constant supply to industry and citizens.

The Hwange Thermal Power Station

The Beitbridge Border Post upgrade and modernisation is expected to address trade bottlenecks and speed up economic growth by further opening up the country to regional trade through facilitating ease of doing business and establishment of a one-stop border post between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Areas that were previously marginalised such as Binga, have received massive infrastructure boosts as evidenced by the establishment of a polytechnic college, resuscitation of Bulawayo Kraal, rehabilitation of the Binga Airstrip and the construction of the civil registry department which had stalled for 10 years, with Binga Nursing School set to be built.

All these projects are empowering the country and individual citizens.

Further, neutral election observers endorsed the 2018 elections as free and fair.

In a statement, Zanu PF spokesperson Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa welcomed the apology and the frankness displayed by the two former Politburo members.

“This is the most welcome development and I salute the courage and candor coming from the two as penned in their joint letter.

“This is an endorsement of the sincere and visionary policies and programmes espoused by President ED Mnangagwa, our Zanu PF Party leader,” he said.

Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa

“His message and conduct is coming across as he strives to unify the nation and reaches out to the wider world. We say the more the merrier in the all-embracing tent of Zanu PF, the mass party of the Zimbabwe Revolution. All Zimbabweans are equal in their varied capacities and talents. Better we join all our minds and hands in the noble task of building a new Zimbabwe.”

Reacting to the apology on Twitter, Zanu PF Director of Information and Publicity Cde Tafadzwa Mugwadi said: “This is the way @ProfJNMoyo and Patrick Zhuwao.

“The President and entire leadership of the party have always said ‘let bygones be bygones.’ This is a good start.

“I have always maintained even as we argue brutally then, that you don’t fit in an opposition to Zanu PF Musangano ihomwe!”

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