Kambarami remains Byo Deputy Mayor, says Komichi Mr Morgen Komichi

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
MDC vice president, Mr Morgen Komichi, yesterday said the Bulawayo Deputy Mayor issue is a closed case and Ward 3 councillor, Tinashe Kambarami, remains the city’s Deputy Mayor.

Mr Komichi set the record straight following confusion as MDC officials gave conflicting statements over the resignation and re-election of Clr Kambarami.

MDC Bulawayo province ordered Clr Kambarami to resign from his position or risk being expelled from party and council, accusing him of defying party orders to have Ward 1 Clr Mlandu Ncube elected to the post.

Clr Kambarami on Sunday orally announced his resignation as the city’s Deputy Mayor in the presence of the party’s president, Mr Nelson Chamisa, only to be re-elected on the following day.

But despite his alleged re-election, Bulawayo Mayor Solomon Mguni on Thursday revealed that his Deputy Mayor had never resigned from his position.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Komichi said the party had accepted Clr Kambarami’s election as Bulawayo’s Deputy Mayor.

“I think this issue has already been resolved. Clr Kambarami remains the party’s elected Deputy Mayor for Bulawayo. The party allowed the councillors to go for an election which he won and that has to be respected,” said Mr Komichi.

He said it was normal that there is some discord among councillors following elections adding that the MDC would undergo a healing process.

During the week, MDC sources alleged that the Bulawayo Deputy Mayor issue exposed divisions within the opposition party where some senior officials were using Clr Kambarami’s case to tussle for the province’s control.

The sources said the party’s national chairperson, Ms Thabitha Khumalo, used the Deputy Mayor issue to fight the party’s vice president, Professor Welshman Ncube.

They alleged that Ms Khumalo is bitter that Prof Ncube was elevated to the party’s vice presidency ahead of her.

Prof Ncube said he does not know of any rift while Ms Khumalo declined to comment on the issue.

The sources said more drama is expected in the MDC as the party heads for its Congress set for next year.

Allegations abound that some of its members are trying to set up parallel structures that will help them grab positions.

Mr Komichi said MDC would deal with members who try to divide the party by setting up parallel structures.

“We will not tolerate anyone who tries to divide party members by setting up parallel structures.

“We have the organising department which is responsible for setting up structures. Anyone who tries to set up parallel structures will be dealt with in accordance with the party’s constitution,” he said.

— @nqotshili.

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