Krain Laboratories: Your go-to chemical people

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Krain Laboratories: Your go-to chemical people

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Blessing Karubwa, Chronicle Reporter
CHEMICAL products are used for different purposes by industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and industrial operations.

Many chemical companies process raw materials into more refined products that are used in the different sectors and have been contributing significantly to the growth of the country’s economy by providing employment.

The wide range of products produced by the chemical industries are used in the food industry, health care, cleaning and transport industry.

The other sectors of the economy that use chemical products are agriculture, manufacturing, construction and service industries.

The products produced by these companies include hard surface cleaners, scouring powder, fabric softener, regular bleach, thick bleach, toilet cleaners, household sanitizers, all-purpose cleaners, pine gel, floor polish, tile cleaners, floor glaze, hair shampoos, foam bath, washing powders, detergent paste, channel blocks, de greaser, car wash and drain cleaners.

The products are mostly distributed by designated product distributors.

One of the chemical companies, Krain Laboratories does special chemicals for quality control, analysis and research for tertiary institutions such as universities.

The managing director for the company, Mr Isaac Vere said, they are distributors of Merck-Sigma Pvt Ltd and Findel.

He said they are found in Bulawayo at Number 8 Nottingham, behind Hillside Police Station.

“We have chemicals for quality control and research by tertiary instituions such as universities,” he said.

Another company, NEMCHEM chemicals, which has been operating since 1995 has become an impressive leader in locally manufactured washing powder, cleaning chemicals, disinfectants and a distributor of high quality cleaning equipment, hygiene equipment and accessories.

The company offers professional cleaning services on contractual basis as well as once off cleaning, fumigation services, sanitary and hygiene equipment.

From humble beginnings, NEMCHEM’s market share now includes regional markets such as Zambia, DRC, Ghana, Mozambique and Rwanda.

NEMCHEM offers a complete range of hygiene system products needed in washrooms, retail, infant care and healthcare industries.

NEMCHEM supplies a wide range of hygiene products from aerosol dispensers, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, ladies sanitary bins and consumables.

— @BlehKarubwa

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