Letters to the Editor: Wolves in sheep’s clothing Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami

Editor — The Tinashe Kambarami cabal’s crass exhibition of foolishness unmasks the naked failure of the MDC to run urban councils.

The exalted office of councillorship has been defiled by the repugnant behaviour of the MDC appointees whose only claim to fame is their proximity to Nelson Chamisa.

The Town Clerk’s measured reaction to the unprovoked, unprocedural, unwarranted, uncivilised and illegal invasion of his office, secretly recorded by these thugs, reflects the low calibre of councillors ensconced in the City Chambers.

The people of Bulawayo are learning a painful lesson as they shunned individuals of high standing in favour of the clueless MDC hooligans.

These hungry and angry rascals saw their election as a meal ticket to personal wealth accumulation in line with the values of their Party the MDC, which has a disdain for constitutionalism and insatiable penchant for violence and thuggery.

The demand for the keys to the Town House is symbolic of the genesis of the chaos — a violent attempt to control the procurement process for self-aggrandisement. The stoic heart of the Town Clerk and the diligence of the Executive Team has been a stumbling block to the nefarious hand of the convicted fraudster and his henchmen.

They selectively released a video to gain sympathy as they stage managed their own responses and behaviours — typical of wolves in sheep’s clothing. We are dealing with seasoned criminals and smooth operating thugs who can steal a cable from the hands of an electrician.

The MDC Party claims to have solutions to the country’s problems while presiding over the unprecedented decay of service delivery in all the cities.

If indeed they have solutions and clearly they have none, they should proffer them for the progress of the country.

The truth of the matter is that they have no iota of a clue on how to move the country forward but have an inexhaustible bag of tricks of how to loot and destroy.

The power grab syndrome informs even their incessant knocking on the Zanu-PF door begging for talks for inclusion into Government to widen the looting base.

It is pure mischief for the unschooled councillors to wash their hands like Pilate over service failures as they are collectively responsible for delivering service. Gone are the days when councillors sacrificed their resources and were men and women of high standing and unquestionable integrity.

How the City of Kings (this name relates to the history of the City and must not be genderised) can have such a hopeless calibre is a sad commentary on the quality of our voters.

Uthuli lwamadube have blinded the voters from distinguishing chaff from genuine leaders due to polarisation.

The crises in Bulawayo affects all residents regardless of political affiliation and unfortunately the City is reaping the whirlwind of its naivety and idiocy of entrusting their lives to people who have failed to run their own lives.

A pig in royal robes still finds amusement in mud. Residents have recklessly given the keys to the Town bus to drunkards and kukhulu okuzayo as we have not seen the depths of the depravity of these crooks in borrowed robes.

In a crude way the City carried the proverbial termite infested log into its sacrosanct bosom and lizards have followed.

A party that mistakes big words for big ideas has short-changed the entire country by forever alternating between two modes — elections and looting.

It was Chamisa who disrespectfully said that the MDC does not need to campaign in Bulawayo as people will vote even if monkeys (pun intended) were nominated to stand under the MDC ticket.

Sadly, we have proved him right and its a mockery of monkeys as they are better behaved than the hooligans we saw harassing the Town Clerk with hands in pockets.

Lonyaka sivelelwe!

His Worship the legitimate Mayor Councillor Solomon Mguni has tried his best in a sea of mediocrity.

One of the councillors stays in Masvingo and commutes to Bulawayo.

That is the level of unbelievable corruption and disrespect celebrated as excellence in the beleaguered MDC led by Chamisa.

The City of Bulawayo must stand united against the abomination of damnation.

If the Town Clerk has committed an offence due process must be followed with deference and respect to his office to uphold its dignity. It cannot be right for anyone especially a so-called City Father, to be constipated with ignorance and purport to be the law. Anarchy and thuggery will not be allowed in the City of Kings.

This is a city that traces its existence to the Great King Lobengula and is celebrating 125 years of a proud history. Any attempts to kidnap it will be resisted by the residents.

The Bulawayo City Council Executive Team — the best in the country — must be allowed to perform its duties unmolested.

To the people of Bulawayo next time look closer and use reason when electing representatives as soon the Town clock will be stolen should the blind and misinformed protest vote continue.

Residents of high standing and unquestionable integrity must be elected regardless of their political party to harness the best competences and skills set for the development of the City.

The colour of the councillor matters as we have always been warned that “Inkiwane ebomvu ibolile”.
Ndabazabantu Sondokhulu

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