Man jailed 9 years for stock theft Stocktheft

Online Reporter

A THIRTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD man from Plumtree man was sentenced to nine years imprisonment after selling a stolen cow valued at US$300 which had a Botswana brand mark.

In a statement on X, the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ) said: “On 25 February 2024 Raymond Ndlovu (34) sold a heifer to one Thabo Dube. Thabo Dube went on to exchange the heifer with an ox from the informant, Buyendasi Khupe. The informant discovered that the heifer had a Botswana brand mark prompting him to return it. Thabo Dube and the informant approached the accused person with the heifer and the accused person replaced the returned heifer.”

Ndlovu also gave the informant another young bull to silence him.

Khupe reported the matter to the Police leading to the arrest of the accused person



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