Whinsley Masara Chronicle Reporter
A MAN watched as elephants trampled his wife to death after a falling log speared him through the thigh and pinned him to the ground in Binga District. The jumbos destroyed a garden shed where the elderly couple was sleeping guarding their vegetables against wild animals. Julia Mutale (57) died while Siachinjili Mutale (74) of Lunga Ward sustained severe injuries on his limbs in the incident two weeks ago.

He is still admitted to Binga District Hospital.

The two victims are parents to Lunga Ward’s Councillor Sylvia Tonga Mutale.

Senior Campfire Ranger, Poster Mwinde said the tragedy left the community shocked.

“The couple was sleeping in their garden where they normally put up to guard their vegetables against wild animals when Mrs Mutale was trampled to death by the elephants.

Elephants are wreaking havoc in the ward where they are destroying vegetables forcing villagers to sleep in their gardens.

Binga Rural district’ s Chief Executive Officer, Joshua Muzamba, said : “We urge the community to desist from putting up in their gardens, especially in those areas where there are wild animals such as elephants,” he said.

Mr Muzamba said in order to deal with problem animals, council had decentralised the reaction teams to enable them to respond swiflty to distress calls.


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