Matabeleland businessman of the year opens up

30 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Matabeleland businessman of the year opens up Mr Bulisani Tshuma of Membar Investments

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BULAWAYO businessman, Mr Bulisani Tshuma of Membar Investments, a recipient of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) Matabeleland 2021 Businessman of the Year, says the accolade is a massive endorsement of his business acumen by his peers.

At the recently held ZNCC annual regional awards held in Bulawayo, Mr Tshuma who runs a trucking and retail business also won the Overall Businessman award.

The awards were meant to honour businesses and individuals for their outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the economy in 2022.

In an interview, Mr Tshuma said he is grateful for the award as it indicates that he is an inspiration to his peers.

“In 2019 all my shops were looted and to me that experience was worse than the Covid-19 pandemic era.

“We had to start from scratch to where I am today and it’s pleasing to be recognised by your peers who say you are the 2021 Businessman of the Year. It means you are there among the best,” he said.

Mr Tshuma said he views the awards as an endorsement of his business stature.

“I think my peers admire me and are noticing some things I am doing right and therefore they are impressed with what I am doing. For that, I feel honoured,” he added.

Mr Tshuma said despite economic challenges, he aims to expand his business venture saying there is a window for growth for Bulawayo businesses and what is key is for businesspeople to identify opportunities and pursue them.

He runs five supermarkets in Bulawayo and several in Esigodini and Filabusi.

Mr Tshuma urged both emerging and established businesspeople to persevere in order to achieve their goals.

“Everything is a challenge, if anything comes easy then I do not think you deserve it. What is key is for one to adapt to prevailing circumstances. When Government policies have been gazetted into law, what we need to do is not oppose but adapt and move instead of wasting time mourning,” said Mr Tshuma.

He was making reference to a new interest rate review for loans, which the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe set at 200 percent per annum from 80 percent with effect from 1 July citing the need to align these with prevailing inflationary developments among other latest measures meant to tame exchange rate distortions and price volatility.

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