Moving God to move mountains

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Moving God to move mountains

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The Jacob’s Ladder (finale)
When Jesus gave up the ghost the Bible says all saints who were dead in Israel were resurrected.
Now in prayer we can move from smoke to fire. No matter what surname you have, you can enter the holy of holies because of the ladder that is the saviour. That is why heaven says when you pray you don’t pray I the name of the Holy Spirit or the father, you pray in the name of Jesus because he is the one that was allowed to touch the earth. That is why on the transfiguration, Elisha and Moses appeared through the same ladder.

1. IT talks of the virgin birth (that allowed him to touch the earth) and Ascension (that allowed him to go to heaven,) Jesus Christ must be worshipped because He is the only man born without the seed of a man. Mohamed, Sekuru Kaguvi had fathers but Jesus Christ had a half father, it was not his biological father.
Jesus came direct as a son from heaven.

2. He had resurrection on the 3rd day without anyone praying for him
The Bible said he rose on his own

3. There is no one who has risen from the dead on his own accord without a prayer being offered by somebody. And when Jesus came, he ascended while people were watching and he is in heaven seated on the right-hand side of the Lord.
Zambia acknowledged the power of Jesus as the President declared it a Christian nation. And the economy rose. When we acknowledge Jesus as the Prince of peace there will be no peace.
4. The ladder represents balance
It touched the earth and heaven
Don’t become spiritually too good that you become earthly no good and don’t be earthly too good that you become spiritually no good. Jesus when he was on earth he was praying and he was also bathing. You have that which is of heaven and tat which is of the earth that is why we also need jobs; we need money but we must also worship God. Do not just speak in tongues from morning to evening. It’s powerful to pray but afterwards we must eat and fast.
God Bless…
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