mugabe steals laptop

Midlands Bureau Chief

AN 81-year-old man from Mtapa suburb in Gweru has been arrested for allegedly stealing a laptop belonging to a City of Gweru manager during lunchtime at the town house.

The laptop was stolen from the Human Resources Manager Mr Japson Nemuseso’s office.

There was drama as the suspect, Shingirai Mugabe was caught red handed while attempting to flee from the town house with the laptop already stashed in a bag he was carrying.

Acting Town Clerk Mr Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe confirmed the incident.

 “The suspect allegedly entered the town house during lunchtime pretending to be looking for old and used printer cartridges. He noticed Mr Nemuseso leaving his office for another office,” he said.

Mr Chikwekwe said Mugabe quickly entered the office and grabbed an HP laptop which was on a desk before leaving unnoticed.

He said a few minutes later, Mr Nemuseso returned to his office to find his laptop with council’s confidential information missing.

“He rushed out of the office looking for the suspect and noticed Mugabe walking away with a laptop bag. The suspect was searched and the laptop was recovered. He was taken to Gweru Central Police Station,” said Mr Chikwekwe.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko was not available to comment.

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