Nasty Tricks bounces back

19 Jan, 2013 - 00:01 0 Views

The Chronicle

Nasty Tricks, as he is popularly known in the music industry, broke into the music scene in 2003 with one of his most successful hits Chimoko Chidanger.

The controversial rapper told Saturday Leisure that he disappeared from the music industry in 2009 after recording his album Ndoda Kupindanewe.

He said he was back in the music industry after a four-year musical break.

“I have been attending to some personal issues like any other human being and it is unfortunate that I cannot discuss them in the press.

“But what I can tell you for now is that Nasty Tricks is back in the music industry,” he said.

The rapper said already he is working on his latest project that is expected to be on the market in February.

“I know I have been quiet for a very long time now and most of my fans thought I had quit music but that is not true.

“As we speak I am working on my third album titled Ndomutendanei,” he said.

The Kupinda Newe hitmaker said that the forthcoming project would be a gospel album.

“I have decided to record a gospel album as I want to thank my Lord for what he has done for me in the four years that I have been out of the music industry.

“Good and bad things have been said about me during my break but I have managed to keep my mouth shut so I thank my Lord for that,” he said.

The rapper said his forthcoming album will prove that he is now a mature musician.

“Some of the songs that I am working on include Get away and DDF Part Two.

Nasty Tricks said he still believes he is among the best rappers in the country.

“During my break I never heard anyone who sings like I do which shows that I have a unique talent that has been missing,” he said.

The musician said music is something that he started when he was at high school.

“I started recording my music when I was doing Form Four in 2002 and my parents thought it was a joke.

“My first recording I did with a guy called Blood and we recorded a song called Chimoko Chidanger,” he said.

The rapper said after completing his secondary education he recorded with Itayi Makombe, popularly known as Madiz from Gweru.

Nasty Tricks said he was nominated for the ZIMA Most Promising Artiste award but lost to Bulawayo-based rapper Pozee who was working with his sister Skhu.

“The nomination showed me that I had the potential to win an award and this time I am back to collect those awards,” he said.

Nasty Tricks said fans should expect fireworks as he is now a very polished musician.

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