Ndux Junior gets it right in new album

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Ndux Junior gets it right in new album Ndux Junior

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Ndux Junior

Ndux Junior

Mkhululi Ncube/Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Reporters
RHUMBA musician Ndux Junior’s latest album La Esiyakhona is testimony enough that the artiste has indeed mastered this genre and become his own man.

Last year’s album Uthando Luyingozi saw him step out of his late father Ndux Malax’s shadow and the latest ninth offering shows that he is a musician in his own right.

The six-track album is social commentary keeping with the Malax brand of music. It touches on key topics such as women abuse, encouraging good behaviour among the youth and respect for Zimbabwe’s diverse cultures.

What makes this album a marvel is that it has tracks that people can easily relate to, merged with impressive guitar work by base guitarist Sando Willo Moyo. It will likely make it to people’s playlists during this festive season in areas such as Kezi, Plumtree, Lupane, Tsholotsho and Nkayi where rhumba music is very popular.

The album opens with Magweja, followed by the title track La Esiyakhona, Mntakamama, Omama, Zwitapata and RIP Sebenza (Lala Ngokuthula).

Magweja is an appeal to gold panners to stop violence which has characterised their operations in the country.

“My compositions factor in socio-economic and political issues. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years and I’ve learnt to be true to myself, independent and most importantly, try to deliver music that will please my fans,” said Ndux Junior.

The musician said on the title track, he encourages people not to look down upon others while on Omama, he condemns women abuse.

“The abuse of women is rife in the country and through this song, I appeal to men from all walks of life to stop abusing women. Abuse of women is happening in churches, workplaces and at home, something which is really worrying and must come to an end,” said Ndux Junior.

Like his late father who sang about the need for harmony in the country through the track Unity, Ndux Junior has a similar track Zwitapata (meaning mistakes in Kalanga). In the track, the message is premised on the need for people to respect languages of people who reside in areas where they visit or settle in.

The last track, RIP Sebenza” is dedicated to his marketing and sales manager who died last year.

Ndux Junior said he was planning to hold shows in the country and in neighbouring Botswana and South Africa soon to promote his latest offering.

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