NetOne launches forex remittance service

30 Nov, 2021 - 00:11 0 Views
NetOne launches forex remittance service Ms Susan Mtangadura

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STATE-OWNED mobile network operator, NetOne, has officially launched its “OneMoney Remit” product, an innovative, flexible and reliable mobile-based solution that allows clients to deposit US-dollar cash into their wallets and send it to anyone in Zimbabwe.

The product is being introduced on the back of growing demand for digital financial solutions, which has seen customers in some remote parts of the country raising concern over lack of access to domestic remittance services.

With no service that currently allows them to have US$ in their mobile wallet, NetOne said its clients have been exposed to high charges, which are beyond reach of the ordinary when sending money.

There is also a challenge of exposure to loss of hard-earned currency and fraud.

Speaking recently at the launch, NetOne chief executive officer, Mr Raphael Mushanawani said apart from being able to deposit forex in their wallet accounts, clients can send, receive and collect remittances across 40 locations in the country.

The digital platform is also a safe store for value and facilitates wider, timely and efficient service, he said.

The service is provided at a charge of three percent of the value being sent, levied upon sending only with no cost on receiving and collecting.

“Indeed, it is a momentous day in the journey of NetOne, a day that defines NetOne’s commitment to innovation and consistent development of cutting-edge products and services, that are not only convenient for our customers but are also designed uniquely and specifically for our environment,” said NetOne board chair, Ms Susan Mtangadura, in her launch speech.

She said the new product launch buttresses the ideals of the Government’s National Development Strategy (NDS1:2025), which prioritises digital economy development.

“The launch of OneMoney Remit is aligned with this strategy and it is testimony to our commitment to ensure that we bridge the rural and urban divide. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is at the heart of the second Republic of Zimbabwe’s vision 2030 as an enabler for development, communication and business investment.”

As a business, Ms Mtangadura said NetOne has embraced its role to ensure financial inclusion by connecting the unconnected, through the use of information technologies.

“With our exceptional product and service offerings, lives will be transformed and communities developed. It is without doubt that indeed information communication technology is at the backbone of the new normal,” she said.

Recently NetOne launched its National Mobile Broadband Phase lll project aimed at increasing the company’s footprint through the installation of 345 base stations thereby providing nationwide access to ICTs to all Zimbabweans.

The board chair paid tribute to the Government through the Ministry of Information Communication Technologies and Courier Services for facilitating funding for network expansion projects.

She said the new OneMoney Remit service has come at an opportune time when digitisation of the economy was fast advancing and sweeping through the financial services sector as well.

“The launch of OneMoney Remit fulfils one of the key customer expectations. Mobile financial services have become a game changer as well as a key economic indicator,” said Ms Mtangadura.

“I welcome you to this momentous OneMoney Remit transformational journey, a journey that will no doubt excite our customers with its effectiveness, convenience and ability to deliver.”

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