Nust donates President’s biography to libraries The National University of Science and Technology (Nust) Pro Vice Chancellor Dr William Goriwondo (second from right) hands over President Mnangagwa’s biography to Siphathisiwe Maisiri representing Zimbabwe School of Mines Library while the president of the Zimbabwe Libraries Association Mr Jerry Mathema (centre) and the Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Clr Mlandu Ncube look on during Nust’s distribution of President Mnangagwa’s biography to libraries in Bulawayo yesterday

Bongani Ndlovu, Chronicle Reporter
THE National University of Science and Technology (Nust) yesterday donated President Mnangagwa’s biography to 36 libraries in Bulawayo so that school children and the youth can be inspired to lead.

As part of the commemoration of June 16, The Day of the African Child, Nust donated 900 books titled, A Life of Sacrifice, a biography of President Mnangagwa, who is the Chancellor of the institution.

The book, which was launched last year, was penned by renowned economist and former MP Mr Eddie Cross.

Copies of the President’s biography were also donated to Zimpapers Knowledge Centre and can be found in the library at Chronicle Building.

The book, published by Jarach Media, chronicles President Mnangagwa’s life from a small village in Zvishavane, his education, the sacrifices he made during the liberation war and in post-independent Zimbabwe as well as his leadership of the country so far.

The event was attended by Bulawayo City Council Deputy Mayor Councillor Mlandu Ncube, who was standing in for the Mayor Clr Solomon Mguni, representatives from Zimbabwe Libraries Association, librarians from different tertiary institutions and city libraries as well as from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.

The Deputy Mayor Councillor Mlandu Ncube

Donating the books, Nust Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Business Development Dr Engineer William Goriwondo said the life of President Mnangagwa was an important lesson to children and the youth, as it motivates and nurtures them to strive to be ambitious and always aim high.

“The life of President Mnangagwa, as told in the book, will inspire children and the youth to make sacrifices in the development of the country. Children and the youth shoulder the future of our nation and they have the potential to transform the country.

The life of President Mnangagwa is an important lesson to the children and youth, as it motivates and nurtures them to strive to be ambitious and always aim high like President Mnangagwa,” said Dr Goriwondo.

He said through the book, children and the youth will get an opportunity to share in the vision of Mnangagwa, the driver of the country’s Vision 2030 to attain an upper middle-income economy.


Dr Goriwondo said the donation provides an opportunity to challenge libraries to rewrite themselves.

“Library closures during Covid-19 and the era of budget cuts for libraries demonstrate that they are facing a bleak future. The realisation that Covid-19 is not a crisis but a new era should challenge librarians to rethink and redesign library services and management. At Nust, Covid-19 lockdown restrictions fast-tracked our adoption of a Hybrid Library, a term coined to capture the new normal, where libraries are now offering services from home and from the library,” said Dr Goriwondo.

He said as Nust they hope this donation would revive the culture of reading.

“Libraries are the key to equal possibilities for children and the youth to access information, which enables them to participate and contribute to the development of their communities. By donating this important book, we seek to revive the culture of reading as an essential process in the growth and development of the children and the youth. We believe the earlier a person starts to access information, the more efficient and life-long this access will be,” said Dr Goriwondo.

In accepting the books for council libraries, Clr Ncube said the book is being handed over to the city for the youth who frequent the libraries so that they learn about his life and also be inspired to one day lead Zimbabwe in various spheres.

“Learning about the history of a specific person’s life and accomplishments can help children and the youth where it matters, events and dates become real moments as they are talking about real people doing real things,” said Clr Ncube.

“Biographies are key for the youth as they help make history come alive. In most instances when children have to read about history for school and examinations, it is mostly a series of dates and events and it is likely to distract their attention and not hold their interest for long.”

Hillside Teachers College

President of Zimbabwe Libraries Association Mr Jerry Matema said the book promotes understanding between the President and the general population.

He said libraries are a fountain of knowledge.

“They are universities of the poor and are the nerve centres and hearts of academic institutions and as such should be prioritised, well-funded and stocked. We all need libraries that provide both electronic and print media materials. Hence the integration of emerging technologies into libraries are of paramount importance and a necessity,” said Mr Matema.

Hillside Teachers College principal librarian thanked Nust for the donation of the President’s biography, saying it will give students an insight into his life.

The schools that received copies of the book include Bulawayo Adventist High School, Queen Elizabeth Adventist Children’s Home, St Columba’s High School, Mpopoma High School, Khayelihle Children’s Village, King George VI Children’s Centre, Eveline High School and Magwegwe High School.

Tertiary institutions include, Bulawayo Polytechnic College Library, Hillside Teachers College, United College of Education, Zimbabwe School of Mines Library, Nust libraries and Westgate Industrial Training College.

Bulawayo Public Library

Libraries that received the donation of the book include Bulawayo Public Library, Ingutsheni Hospital, Luveve Public Library, Magwegwe Public Library, Mpopoma Public Library, Mzilikazi Memorial Library, National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, National History Museum, Njube Public Library, Nketa Public Library, Nkulumane Public Library, Pumula Public Library, Tshabalala Public Library, Zimpapers Knowledge Centre, Entumbane Library, National Free Library, Khami Prison Library, Zimbabwe Library Association and Mpilo Hospital Library.

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