Police officer implicated in dangerous armed robber syndicate

Peter Matika, Online Desk

A police officer has been arrested, after he was implicated in a case of robbery and being part of a dangerous armed robbery syndicate.

Constable Walter Chanhuwa, 41 was arrested together with Harry Dzingwe, 30, Tongai Chikumba, 30, and Egypt Musundire, 31 for a case of armed robbery which occurred in Harare in February this year.

The gang according to Zimbabwe republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, pounced on a house in the afternoon of 26 February in Harare’s Belvedere suburb.

“The four were using an unregistered Toyota Belta and were armed with a pistol and iron bars. They ambushed the complainants and raided them of US$7 650 and 5 000 Indian Rupees,” said Ast Comm Nyathi.

He said investigations were carried out by the criminal investigations homicide department led to the arrest of Dzingwe, Chikumba and Musundire, who all implicated Chinhuwa as a fourth suspect and mastermind to the robbery.

“Chinhuwa is currently on suspension for exuding rogue behaviour. He is also facing a charge of illegal possession of a pangolin. He was arrested for that case on 8 March this year and will be tired differently from the robbery case,” said Ast. Com Nyathi.

He mentioned that the gang had since appeared in court for the armed robbery case and were remanded ion custody to 25 April this year.

“Police warns armed robbery syndicates that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them and the law will take its course. Police also does not condone the involvement of police officers in criminal activities and will ensure that the law takes its course without fear or favour,” said Ast Com Nyathi.

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