RAPT to hold health campaign in Makokoba

18 Mar, 2023 - 10:03 0 Views
RAPT to hold health campaign in Makokoba health services

The Chronicle

Tafadzwa Chibukwa, Chronicle Reporter

THE Rehabilitation and Prevention of Tuberculosis (RAPT) in conjunction with Vezulwazi Arts and Sports Foundation are appealing to the city’s big companies for donations towards a health campaign they are looking forward to hosting at Makokoba.

The health campaign seeks to reach out to all members of the community of Makokoba and educate them about Tuberculosis, HIV, diabetes and STIs.

It is going to be held on April 7.

Stakeholders from the foundation have already launched a campaign to seek donations.

Vezulwazi Arts and Sports Foundation Director, Mr Christopher Mguni said they had already sent requests around the city’s major companies, for which some have already offered to donate.

“We realised as a foundation that most people in the community of Makokoba are not aware of their health statuses and also that they are not aware of the many diseases they are prone to. This is mainly because some of them do not visit their hospitals or clinics until they are seriously ill and some cannot afford the services. This is what made us come up with the idea that since these people cannot go to clinics and hospitals, why not bring the services to them. We want to provide the screening of TB, diabetes, HIV and many other STIs as well as educate and inform them on the many ailments they are prone to,” said Mr Mguni.

He added that they are also aiming at combating sexually transmitted infections, morbidity and mortality due to TB through the campaign.

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