Residents slam council over suicide tower

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Residents slam council over suicide tower The water tank in question

The Chronicle

The water tank in question

The water tank in question

Amanda Chikari, Midlands Reporter
GWERU residents have castigated the city council for not fencing off a 30-metre high water reservoir in Mkoba 14 extension, which they say has been the scene of four suicides this year.

The latest suicide was that of a 16-year-old boy who allegedly plunged off the tower on Saturday night.

Jimmy Tichaona Chivende of Mkoba 13 Suburb, a Form Four pupil at a city school, allegedly killed himself about four hours after his mother reprimanded him for having sex with his girlfriend.

Residents told The Chronicle that four people have committed suicide by jumping off the water reservoir which is in an open space and has no perimeter fence or precast wall.

They said the reservoir — which is now a white elephant since it was decommissioned because council has been failing to fill it with treated water — should be taken down or be fenced off.

Mr George Masuku from Village 14 said council should put a perimeter fence around the reservoir.

“As you can see, passage is free for all to and from the water reservoir.

“Children and adults all climb the ladder to the summit of the reservoir. Sometimes children as young as four years climb up the reservoir to play soccer or games while adults use it as a love nest at night. Some take selfies with their smart phones on top of it. This is the fourth death in as many months and we are worried,” he said.

GCC engineer Mr Robson Manatsa said the local authority has decided to erect a boundary around the reservoir.

“Cases of suicide are escalating each day in the Mkoba 14 area due to the isolated water reservoir tank, so in order to minimise the cases, we have decided to erect either a perimeter fence or a precast wall to avoid unauthorised entry.” he said.

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