Robbery gone bad leaves 2 guards shot and injured

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter

FIVE armed robbers shot and injured two Fawcett Security guards with an AK-47 rifle in Bulawayo’s industrial sites on Monday night.

One of the security guards was shot in the head and is lucky that although a bullet hit his skull, the injuries are not life threatening.

In a statement on Tuesday, Fawcett Security Operations managing director Mr Andrew Laing said this was the second time this month where teams were attacked by robbers.

“In Bulawayo’s Industrial Site last night, our Alarms Reaction Team was attacked by five or more armed robbers who had broken into the premises and were preparing to blow the safe. Two of our staff were injured, fortunately not seriously. One was shot in the head, apparently with an AK-47 rifle, though the bullet creased the skull and the injury is not life threatening,” said Mr Laing.

He said the second incident occurred in Chisumbanje in Manicaland where six robbers raided his team before getting away with substantial amounts of money.

Mr Laing said they are anticipating that the robberies are set to increase.

“We certainly anticipate more similar incidents and in liaison with the police we are continually reviewing systems and equipment to counter the threat. Obviously, I will not disclose the details,” said Mr Laing.

“As our clients, whose safety and protection is our top priority, I urge you to be ultra-cautious and to be alert to all normal signs or risks; cash storages, vehicles following, unregistered vehicles, suspicious characters lurking around and valuables left in cars, opening doors and gates without checking-all these things are well known to everyone.”

He urged businesses and members of the public to exercise caution as they go about their day-to-day activities.

Police have said they will comment about the matter later…. -@nqotshili


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