Sungura Masters founder Masotha to open dance school . . . group introduces new female dancer “Messi”

12 May, 2021 - 17:05 0 Views
Sungura Masters founder Masotha to open dance school . . . group introduces new female dancer “Messi” Messi being welcomed by Masotha

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Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

SUNGURA Masters founder Masotha Nzou is set to open a Sungura dance school as he moves to promote the yesteryear great dance.

The school will be set up in Zimbabwe and South Africa where aspiring dancers would be taught the popular craft.

Masotha said the initiative comes as they have spiced up their dance team in Zimbabwe with the acquiring of services of female dancer Opportunity “Messi” Gumede who leads their 100km/hr dance set.

The group has 16 Zimbabwean based dancers (eight males and eight females) and 17 dancers based in South Africa (10 female and seven male).


“The reason we choose this genre (Sungura) is because other dance groups don’t really understand this concept in terms of dance and lyrics. So as Sungura Masters, we came up with our own different style, that is why we are also opening a school specifically for Sungura.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic regulations, we are yet to confirm the exact dates as to when the school will be opened here in Zimbabwe, but if things go well by mid-June, our base in South Africa would have been opened,” he said.

Masotha said they will continue to raise the bar high in the dance floor in order to preserve the legacy of some of the country’s Sungura legends who have inspired them.


“Ever since we started this journey, we realised some other groups were dancing to the same contemporary traditional dances, and we decided to adopt a new style from our great Sungura legends such as Alick Macheso and Tongai Moyo, among others.

“We’ve worked with big brands such as Martin Sibanda, Ndolwane Super Sounds and Nicholas Zakaria, that is why we are a powerhouse in Sungura dance groups and we will continue working hard,” added Masotha.

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