The Shoemaker’s men’s conference up for Zim Hip-hop Award

25 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
The Shoemaker’s men’s conference up for Zim Hip-hop Award The Shoemaker

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Angela Sibanda, Showbiz Correspondent

Rapper The Shoemaker (real name Mzingaye Sibanda) has expressed excitement over the nomination of the IIWIIS Men’s Conference by the Zim Hip-hop Awards under the Best Brand supporting local hip-hop.

IIWIIS men’s conference was founded by hip-hop artist The Shoemaker last year to help male artists deal with, and overcome mental health issues. Since its establishment, the conference has been active with four shows having been conducted in Bulawayo, Hwange, Victoria Falls, and Harare.

In these cities and towns, The Shoemaker has been hosting what he dubbed “inhloko” events where male artistes have been gathering to share meat and drinks as well as discuss different social issues that affect them.

These gatherings resulted in a music video production that featured different artistes who collaborated on a mental health-motivated song.

In an interview, The Shoemaker said the Zim Hip-hop Awards nomination means a lot to him and his brand, but most importantly, it shows that mental health initiatives are being given recognition in the industry.

“Being nominated by the Zim Hip-Hop Awards team means a lot to me and the brand. I mean, besides the fact that my work is being recognised countrywide, it also shows that the issue of mental health among men has relevance in Zimbabwe.

“So, this nomination essentially is not only ours as IIWIIS Music Inc., but also honours all the people that contributed to putting the conference together, those that attended, and all who helped spread the word. It’s bigger than all of us,” The Shoemaker said.

The Shoemaker

He said bringing the award home would help the growth of the brand and expansion of the conference through new partnerships.

“Winning this would definitely mean a lot to me. Already, the nomination brought a great feeling, but winning would mean a lot to the brand, in terms of getting other bigger brands and companies to support the men’s conference and help us reach more men.”

For the Best Brand supporting local hip-hop, The Shoemaker’s IIWIIS men’s conference is up against Grapevine, Masofa Panze Art, Define Ent, Domane, and Letter Z Music Factory. The awards are set to be held next month at the 7 Arts Theatre in Harare.

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