Woman mistakes glue for eyedrops

13 Oct, 2010 - 07:10 0 Views
Woman mistakes glue for eyedrops

The Chronicle

Irmgard Holm (70) of Phoenix, Arizona had confused the two products’ “nearly identical” bottles, reports KSAZ-TV.

Ms Holm, who had cataract surgery a year ago, realised immediately that something was wrong when she experienced a burning sensation in her eye.

She had been reaching for what she thought was one of her half-dozen eye drop medications when the mix-up happened.

Ms Holm tried washing out the glue at first, but the “quick-drying” product did exactly what it said on the bottle and promptly sealed her eye shut.

When she got to hospital, staff cut off the hardened glue covering her eye and, when her eye had opened, washed out the remainder to prevent major damage.

Meanwhile, a lonely piglet is driving her new owners barking mad after convincing herself she is a dog.

Four-month-old Coco was given to the St Francis Animal Welfare Shelter in Fair Oak, Hampshire, by a family who could no longer care for her.

Since then the pint-sized piglet has become best friends with German Shepherd Jay.

So much so that the youngster is apparently convinced she is a dog — even going for walks on a lead, fetching sticks and guarding the other pooches.

Centre manager Sueltan Day said: “It is funny to see her and the other dogs together.

“I genuinely think she believes she is a dog as she copies what they do.

“One of our dogs, a German Shepherd called Jay, has taken her under her paw so to say and protects her when they run around together in the field.

“She is a fantastic pig and good fun. She loves running around and playing with the other dogs. It is bizarre but amazing.”— orange.co.uk

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