Zimbabwe accident victims’ compensation a mockery- parly Road-accident

Online reporter

LEGISLATORS have decried “paltry” accident victims’ pay-outs, which they said are a mockery.

Makoni Central Member of Parliament David Tekeshe told parliament last week that compared to neighbouring South Africa, accident victims in Zimbabwe were getting peanuts.

“I rise on a point of national interest on the compensation being given to accident victims.

“Three months ago, someone was involved in an accident when he was travelling in a Tenda bus. His hand was seriously injured, to the extent that he can no longer use it. He came to me and said he was given 38 000 RTGS as compensation. Imagine 38 000 RTGS which is equal to 38US or somewhere there. He used his money to treat the injuries and Hon. Speaker, this is a mockery honestly.”

He said about 10 years ago, a Zimbabwean friend of his died in an accident in South Africa and his wife got R600 000 as compensation, despite the fact he was a foreigner

“In that country, he was compensated to the tune of R600 000 and it was almost equivalent to US$60 000 during that time. I also appeal that something must be done when one is involved in an accident, you will not be able to work due to that accident,” said MP Tekeshe.

The deputy speaker of parliament Tsitsi Gezi advised the legislator to raise the issue with the responsible ministry.

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