8-man gang robs TM supermarket

TM Cowdray Park manager Shepherd Msipha (left), makes indications to detectives after the break-in yesterday

TM Cowdray Park manager Shepherd Msipha (left), makes indications to detectives after the break-in yesterday

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent—
EIGHT armed robbers travelling in two vehicles pounced on TM Pick N Pay in Cowdray Park yesterday, tied a security guard to a tree and looted groceries worth about $700 after failing to find any cash. The incident occurred between 1AM and 2AM. The supermarket’s management said yesterday that they do not keep cash in the shop.

A Chronicle newscrew visited Cowdray Park at around 11AM yesterday and found homicide detectives conducting preliminary investigations. Shepherd Msipha, the shop’s manager, said their security guard was lucky to escape unharmed after he was tied to a tree about 50 metres from the shop.

He said the suspects might have targeted the shop hoping to get money but did not find any. “Our security guard said a group of eight men travelling in two cars pounced on the shop between 1AM and 2AM carrying two 9mm guns. They tied the guard to a tree near the shop before breaking the door to gain entry,” said Msipha.

He said when they opened for business yesterday morning, the shop’s door was open and some foodstuffs were missing. “They stole some groceries. I can’t quantify the exact value of the groceries that were taken but I suspect it could be below or just above $700,” said Msipha.

He urged the police to deploy more members in Cowdray Park, saying the area was now synonymous with crime. “These criminals were not even covering their faces. Our security guard said he can identify them if he sees them. We call on the police to increase their deployment in Cowdray Park. This is becoming a hot spot for criminals,” he said.

He refused to comment further after being pressed on why the shop had no Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). “I’m not even allowed to talk to the Press. For that information you need to get in touch with our headquarters in Harare,” he said.

The security guard was not at the shop after having been earlier freed by local residents. A comment could not be obtained from Bulawayo’s police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango as her cellphone was unreachable.

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  • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

    We will have more of this courtesy of Mugabe’s economic mismanagement.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Robberies having occurring since the Rhodesian era. Ingqondo zakho , kikikikikikiiiiii.

      • Zuze

        What are you smoking Xamu? In Rhodesia the police did not carry arms. In the early Zimbabwe the Police did not carry arms. Now it is like watching a John Wayne movie with their guns in their holsters and rifles in the ready like the red Indians are about to attack.

        • Dooks

          kikikikikiki I like those movies Mr Zuze.

          • Zuze

            Ah Mr Dooks where have you been?

          • Dooks

            I took a trip to Katiyo in Mrewa to visit mrs Dooks’s parents.

          • Zuze

            Did you bring anything good?

          • Dooks

            Come to renkini and see.

          • Zuze

            Kikikikiki maybe and can meet up with Jotham there and bhamba bhamba him a little bit.

          • Dooks

            KiKI no fighting by my stand. He might be accompanied by Mr Dungeni and his Ndukus.

          • Dungeni

            Wena Dooks utini. Leave me alone if you know what’s good for you. ERenkini it will be easy for me to look you up.

          • Dooks

            Sorry Mr Dungeni. It won’t happen again. I am scared of induku.

          • Oscar

            Southerners are very violent.

          • creamson

            go to mbare fly over,. marimba fly over, or just outside Harare hospital in the night to learn what northerners are made of

        • MakhosiXamu

          Maybe you just heard what was going on in Rhodesia and you just wish those BSAP officers were not. You are raving mad. Those Pink thugs were always armed to the teeth.

          • Zuze

            Ulamanga ndoda. Are you Hutu or Tutsi because if you are from the local tribes you will know that Amajohni never carried guns. Unless you don’t know ukhuti iJohni yini Ndwangu.

          • Dooks

            Mr Zuze I never saw a Johni with a gun in town. Too much crime these days. Who knows Mr Jotham could be leading this crime ring.

          • Zuze

            Jotham is a Habitual liar..everybody here knows that, but to run a gang? I doubt it. He is too thick.

        • MakhosiXamu

          ………..police did not carry arms?. Kikikikikikikiiiiiii. Maybe you saw a Rhodesia that is on planet moon.

          • Zuze

            When I was in Bagdad you were in dads bag. You are lost mfana. This one was reality.

          • Zuze

            If you tell a lie often enough you end up believing your own lie. Such is your life Gwababa.

      • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

        “more of this” :Read again baba.Never said there was no crime under Smith.Why do you sound angry.The economy is dead its a fact .”

        • MakhosiXamu

          Always side stepping the matter on the table. Kambe nxa uzakhuluma phezu kwezidakwa ……. ndoda uyalahleka.

  • s

    the police cant patrol because they are busy making money on the roads. you cant ask for that, because you cant win.

  • Nonoe

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahaha these men r very dull shame. How can 8 people decide to steal groceries worth $700! Like seriously? Asi TM wacho aiva empty kkkkk. You losers are going to prison for breaking and entering, possession of arms and for theft kkkkkkkk haaa zvakaoma, urombo so!

    • Sabs

      Thus the equivalent of $87.5 each. Stupid them

    • Tonde

      You hit the nail on the head. I totally agree with you these men are very stupid. No prizes for guessing that they are southerners!

      • xi

        l will instead suspect northerners as there was no use of an okapi and fleeing was by a vehicle not on foot kkkk

      • Ednot

        Harare, Zimbabwe, Munyaradzi Nyandoro sets wife’s lovers car on fire and accidentally sets himself on fire as well.

        Knowing that your wife is cheating on you must suck. However, you can’t do anything irrational, you really only have 2 choices work it out and stay together or divorce her, plain and simple. This poor b*stard is so enraged that he engages his wife’s lover in a high speed chase until the guys car breaks down and he runs off into the night. Hubby then goes and buys gas at the gas station comes back pours the gas over the guys car and inadvertently gets some gas on himself. He sets the guys car on fire and just like his marriage he to goes up in flames.

        Kikikiki stupid Northerner kikikikikiki

      • Nonoe

        watanga Tonde

      • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

        Hey swina slow down on eating rats , the bubonic plague is deadly disease

  • Bambanani

    Cowdray park again!!!!

  • MakhosiXamu

    Shameless thieves – they are not intelligent all. Shops no longer keep cash . Stealing goods- kikikikikikikiiiiiii.

  • GodlwayoMahlabayithwale

    Probably they stole Whisky, Brandy le Explorer bazoyi thengisa ngama $1 for 2

  • Major Generale

    mapenzi evanhu vangafunga kuti tm ingapusa zvekusiya mari patill kahi.Haisi kasmall firm inotodepositer zve kubank

  • Major Generale

    izhara yeESAP ya 1992

  • khu

    Management should be taken in for interrogation, where is the CCTV to beef up the human security guard, l strongly suspect an inside job

  • vagician

    Why were homicide detectives on scene? There was no homicide reported

  • OkaMathonsi

    There is need to improve on the lighting system around the shop. Please replace the lights facing the main road from carpark to the shop. A CCTV, a security dog or panic button could have helped. We believe our police details will help. Looking forward to their arrest.