AFM pastor rapes 16-year-old congregant after church service


Tanaka Mrewa, Court Reporter
AN Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church pastor based in Bulawayo’s Emakhandeni suburb has been arrested for allegedly raping a congregant (16) after a church service held in the evening in the suburb.

A court heard that the pastor offered the minor a lift after the service held on December 30 and ended up raping her. She lives in the same suburb while the pastor stays at Ross Camp in the city.

The incident occurred as the pastor was heading home after the two had agreed that he would first drop the girl off at home.

The pastor, Isheanesu Muposhi (27), ended up pouncing on the girl before they reached her home.

Muposhi was not asked to plead to rape charges when he appeared in court following his arrest on December 31.

Western Commonage magistrate Miss Tancy Dube remanded him in custody to January 13.

It is the State’s case that Muposhi offered a lift to the girl at around 9PM as soon as the service ended.

Prosecuting, Mr Claude Fombe said Muposhi was arrested the following day after committing the crime.

He said congregants confirmed having seen him leave the church with the minor after the service.

“Accused person offered a lift to the complainant. Along the way he proposed love to her but she turned him down. Accused parked his car at a secluded area at a ZAOGA stand near Easy Pick shops in Emakhandeni and allegedly raped her once,” said Mr Fombe.


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  • theza

    What has gone wrong with these Man of the cloth,becoming wolves in sheep skin

    • Shasha

      There is no such thing as Man of the cloth…they r all crooks…anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows this.

      • Pastor Maldonado

        I don’t think they are all crooks. At the same time Africa is going through the phase a false prophets and such. If people understand that it is not the man you go to church for but the word of God. Too many situations are clear that people are worshipping these so called “Prophets” that have sprung up all over the show and right here on this platform some have from time to time suggested that so and so must seek deliverance from Prophets so and so. If yo allow your girl child to be alone with a man because he is a Pastor you need your head examined. As the bible says “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” There is nowhere where it says “except Pastors or Prophets”. Put your trust in man at you risk and you will sadly be disappointed.

  • nyoni

    azidlali so ngendaba zegwayi

  • Concerned Christian

    Chronicle please read the bible and know what a Pastor is: you can never have a 27yr old Pastors

    • Kevin

      @ Concerned Christian , please enlighten us its not only Chronicle who need help on this one , i also read the the bible but am apparently clueless on why a 27 year old cannot be a pastor according to your submissions .

    • MakhosiXamu

      Age is just a number. There is no were in the Bible , where a certain age is prescribed for Pastors, Priests etc. The Chronicle is the one that appointed a 27 year old to be a Pastor. What is wrong with that age?.


      There are no Pastors in the bible. Biblical times had Priests and Shepherds, and these had no age limit.

    • Major Musango

      you must be high!

  • sigadula

    I don’t believe that he raped her. Uthunyiwe umuntu wesimame. Imbongi Ntshantshaza said: Bathi Abe’s fa Zane ngabesintwana, kodwa akutsho ukuthi ngabantwana. Ngakho konke abakhulumayo akusilo iqiniso

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      What you believe is very immaterial to the case. Rape is rape – kana munhu asingadi haadi – even in the middle of the act a woman has the right to say STOP. If you insist on continuing against her will its rape.

  • Josh

    I believe the pastor was infuriated and embarrassed by the unfavourable response to his proposal. He never saw it coming hence he went on to raped the child to quench his selfish desires which i believe he always does with other congregates after every evening service. He shud rot in jail. Inja yomuntu.

    • joe

      like magaya these charges will be withdrawn

      • Major Musango

        why are you so sure?

  • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

    Rape…. I honestly and totally fail to find the joy in that unless a man is mentally deranged or demon-possessed, using violence for something so sweet and intimate. A real man derives maximum joy and satisfaction from coaxing and persuading till the juicy fruit is given to him willingly.

  • kioeow

    The problem it seems that these fake pastors are not being monintored by the State everyone now is becoming a Pastor to make money or do things they should not be doing