Bosso challenge PSL

Nhlanhla Dube (1)

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS have challenged the Premier Soccer League’s statute of only punishing the home team every time there is crowd trouble arguing that all stakeholders involved in the game must bear the burden of bringing and maintaining sanity during football matches.

The Bulawayo giants believe punishing the home side alone will not help solve the problem of crowd disturbances as long as other partners are not involved since they all benefit from the presence of supporters at the stadium.

Addressing the media during the club’s weekly press conference yesterday, Highlanders’ chief executive officer Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube said clubs are only a vehicle for bringing the fans to the stadium which then benefits other stakeholders.

“I think all stakeholders have a role to play. We all want fans to come to our games; we want them to come in their numbers because ultimately they affect our bottom line. So if you look at all stakeholders that are involved whether it’s Zifa, PSL or SRC, they earn something from the fan, therefore it is important as stakeholders to come together,” said Dube.

He said the club acknowledges that there were missiles thrown onto the pitch, that there was pitch invasion during their blockbuster encounter against Dynamos on Sunday in which more than 20 000 spectators came into the stadium, but what was important was the issue of stakeholder participation after the disturbances as the fans protested a Dynamos equaliser.

“It’s not to justify that it must happen or it must be forgiven, certainly not, but I think we need to look at it and say if you then blanket the whole of Highlanders because there are 20, 30, 40 people out of thousands that misbehaved, that can’t be encouraging good behaviour and growth in terms of attitude. It’s also important to note that while the other stakeholders earn what they will earn from the regulatory percentages that they get from the paying fans, its only Highlanders that gets fined and they lose revenue, but the fan belongs to all of us. Highlanders is only a vehicle for bringing the fan to the stadium,” Dube said.

He also questioned how missiles find their way into the stadium when the club hires security personnel to prevent those missiles getting into the stadium.

“We understand that the responsibility of controlling the fans rests with the home side, but using what equipment, what tool? How does Highlanders control someone that is on the terraces? We don’t have arresting powers? If you look at the missiles that were landing on the pitch on Sunday, five litre containers and little illicit alcohol containers. How do they come into the stadium when we have got policing mechanism, explain that to me? They are let in and Highlanders is supposed to say don’t throw them, so all stakeholders need to come together. Persecuting, punishing or charging Highlanders is not going to solve it,” said Dube.

Bosso are set to appear before a PSL disciplinary committee next Tuesday to answer charges of violating Order 31 of the league’s rules and regulations.

— @skhumoyo2000

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  • Connie

    Well said Mr CEO because all these so called stakeholders have already shared the proceeds from the supporters who paid to watch that sunday game but are not serious about solving the issue of crowd trouble. They have never boycotted collecting the money from unruly Highlanders fans yet they want the club to be banished. If this institution is banished where will you get the revenue to survive. I do not condone violence at any matches but let us have a positive analysis of the root cause of these incidents. Call respectable qualified and fair minded person to study and analyse such cases not involving only Highlanders and come up with recommendations on the way

    • s

      thanks dube. the alcohol in stadium is a mystery to me. although I know how it does in and sometimes police and security see it. the other guy goes in and while the other waits outside. when he is in the other throws them in. even those who sell do that. bribes are also take place. we should also stop the drinking around the bf shopping centre.

      • Bantu

        While hooliganism is never welcome and not getting us anywhere as a country, I tend to defer with the way we want to look at issues and in our trying to find solutions we just bury our heads in the sand and choose not to say the truth and address issues as they come.

        Those of us who go to stadiums almost every week have seen that tens and hundreds of missiles are thrown in the stadium. All sort of sizes of missiles find their way into the stadium. The next question is, how do these missiles find their way into the stadium with the police standing guard in their tens and dozens and watching the spectators
        pushing the weapons under their garments. We only know that the police are paid heavily for their services. I have also watched with dismay that as the games progress the police will have turned their backs from the crowd and will be watching the game and supporting a team of their choice.
        It is also surprising to note that while the team with the hooligans is rightly being fined how about PSL and ZIFA who only want to benefit in the form of Revenue. They are never seen or heard to have come up with programs to nip the violence off our game. I started watching games in the mid-80s and all I have seen is the same method of
        operation and the same barking from the soccer authorities but what action have they practically taken? None.
        In one of the games last year ugly scenes were witnessed when CAPS United fans threw in missiles and almost broke a super spot camera right in front of the police at Barbour fields We have heard of scenes of running battles of the police and Dynamos fans in Harare. Will these be Highlanders fans?

        Highlanders football club introduced soccer marshals to try and control the crowd’s years back and these are acceptable to the crowds. What has PSL and ZIFA done. We only hear Chiyangwa talking about some stadiums being no go areas what has he done to stop that except to wait with a big axe to chop Highlanders.

        Let us stop demonising Highlanders supporters or izizukulwane
        zika Mzilikazi but address the problem so that people can go for soccer matches with their wives and children. Siyazi yebo siyabuswa but sitshiyeni le Highlanders yethu yiyo yodwa leCouncil Ka Bulawayo omuhle esesisele layo Lingasibusi ku Bosso phelelani khonale kini. Satsha bo . Pho siye ngaphi?

    • wami

      ive never seen a zifa fan or src fan highlanders fans indentified in team colours must behave no to hooligans spoiling soccer.Ceo controll or leash your supporters

  • Ronald Sibanda

    Mr Bahlangene Dube, your ‘legal adviser’, Cde Skhumbuzo Moyo, is misleading you!

    • willy

      Ronald uridhodhi close your mouth and leave the CEO alone who is peace loving person unlike you. Unopenga here iwe?

      • Ronald Sibanda

        Submit facts to counter my observation, do not just shout crass obscenities. Get a life baba.

  • Tom

    CEO you are reaching but iqiniso yikuthu we are Bosso fans-not Bcc,police,Src,zifa or psl fans. No -we are BOSSO FANS and the club needs to educate the fans on a regular basis to behave. There is a public address system at Bf which can be used before the commencement of any match and at half time admonishing fans to behave regardless of any perceived wrong decisions by match officials.Otherwise we will keep losing money through fines waya waya.

  • Wellington

    Put CCTV cameras on all stadia to monitor hooligans, case closed.

    • makhosi

      Good point. These will also in determining an official’s decision using video technology. This will make officials answerable at least.

      As for the hooligans I doubt whether Zim has enough tech to identify the culprits in a crowd. Aface can be seen video but the challenge would be to identify.

      Having identified still there is a problem of charging the culprit. $5 is the maximum. You cannot ban a fan to stadia with our technology levels.

    • Muzi

      So true CEO

  • chief ndou

    if all stakeholders should be involved in paying the fine , the i would suggest that all the revenue collected on that particular match should be surrendered to the psl as fine..this simple means if such incident happens in any match in the future all teams and wld be fined as ey was lack of control from both stakeholders

  • Tom

    One thing that seems to have eluded everyone commenting about the match is that the dispute over the goal occurred just after 40 minutes of play. That means around 8 minutes (including optional ) time was left to complete the first half and go for the oranges.That means on the 48th minute the ref should have blown the whistle for half time. All the players and officials would then have left the field of play and that would have created conditions for tempers to cool down. Perhaps a discussion with the match commissioner at half time would have resulted in the substitution of the assistant ref who was perceived to be the problem and hopefully the match would then have carried on and the last 8 minutes of no play in the first half would be added onto the 2nd half but this would be announced via the PA system at the commencement of the 2nd half to avoid complaints of too much added time in case either of the teams scored a DECISIVE goal during that added time.Sadly the match officials did not have the benefit of hindsight but it is important that they learn to think outside the box! I hope the point i have raised could be a mitigating factor towards any sanctions Bosso may receive because we surely shall receive!! Just a thought. Kodwa asifuni bumbulu still!!

    • Mutapa Jnr

      Sorry , there is no allowance in the rules of the game of accommodating your suggestions . Instead, you should advise the hooligans to think twice before acting. There is no way rules of the game should be arm twisted by hooligans

      • Tom

        You are not applying your mind Mutapa. You need to refer to the specific rule you are talking about so I can then shut up! Otherwise i will say Mutapa ungutapu utshiye!,.

        • Mutapa Jnr

          Tom , you raised an issue that’s not part of the rules. If you need to understand the PSL rules , please go their website and download a PDF copy . If you have any problems with any section, please by all means come back and will be able to address that.

  • Mutapa Jnr

    Sikumbhuzo Moyo doing Bosso PR for free again. Good thing is he is doing a terrible job. Bosso is part of the PSL and when it signed on to play this season it was fully aware of the provisions of the PSL rules and regulations. The easiest thing for Bosso and it’s surrogate PR is to use this space to talk directly to the Bosso hooligans advising them of the consequences of their actions. These hooligans need to understand that their actions affect none other than their beloved team. No one else should pay or bear the consequences of these Bosso hooligans other their Bosso. If future, before embarking on any senseless actions they need to think twice. That’s the rationale behind the rules.

    • Dr Revenge

      As you have been exposed as a long time hater of people of this region who used to use the name of Rovimbira your intentions are clear.

      • Mutapa Jnr

        If both the law and facts are against you, you go argumentum ad hominem . That’s a logical fallacy by the way

        • Dr Revenge

          Why don’t you deny it? On the new Zimbabwe Platform you never hid your feelings when you fought battles with your fellow tribilist Shona Hater. Deny it that that was not you.

  • Fan

    Asifuni ubumbulu. Mabatshaywe

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Mr Dube you should not have minced your words. Highlanders spend a lot of money to hire the Police but they are just incompetent. First they did not search the fans on entry. Secondly when the crowd trouble started they did nothing other than just standing around. Some could be seen smoking while lounging in their big truck. The trouble started in a small corner of the stadium and if our Police where competent crowd controllers they could just have moved in force onto that terrace – not to arrest or confront anyone but just to ensure no one throws anything.

  • Danny

    Yes sometime ago I know fans who would find other means bto let in alcohol into the stadium . How can Highlanders as a club stop this. Of course its easy to say we’ll punish Bosso. Whoever is going to sit on this case must understand that there is nothing absolutely nothing the team (who are going to pay the money) could have done to prevent this.