Bosso join ‘Captain Fiasco’ sitcom

Christian Epoupa Ntouba headbutts Peter Muduhwa

Christian Epoupa Ntouba headbutts Peter Muduhwa

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
Highlanders have written to the Premier Soccer League demanding to be awarded their penalty appeal from their Castle Lager Premiership fixture against Dynamos at Rufaro Stadium last Sunday.

In accordance to Section of the PSL’s Rules and Regulations, the complaint was addressed to PSL chief executive Kenny Ndebele by Highlanders’ head of secretariat Nhlanhla Dube “registering an official complaint regarding the conduct of match referee, Arnold Ncube and his assistants”.

Highlanders’ complaint appears to have been triggered by a shocking decision by Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa who seems to have made a “solo” ruling as he overturned a red card shown to Dynamos striker, Christian Epoupa Ntouba in the Sunday clash.

In a statement issued on Monday, Chiyangwa claimed to have agreed with members of the Zimbabwe Referees’ Committee (ZRC) and faceless “several important football stakeholders” to nullify Epoupa’s red card.

The unprecedented ruling prompted the Bulawayo giants to appeal to the PSL stating their own grievances concerning match officiating during the tie.

“We are fully cognisant of the decision by the Zifa referees’ committee to set aside the red card shown to Dynamos’ Christian Epoupa Ntouba during the game in question and note the expedient consideration applied in this instance,” wrote Dube.

Highlanders’ chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube

Highlanders’ chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube

Dated 12 September, 2017, the letter makes a list of demands top of which is a penalty appeal that was not given by referee Ncube, but earned Godfrey Makaruse a yellow card.

Highlanders highlighted that they are prepared to travel to Harare just to take the penalty kick.

They pleaded to the powers to “expeditiously” consider their complaint and review.

“Award our team a penalty for the incident against Godfrey Makaruse, which penalty we will be willing to travel to Harare and take,” Highlanders wrote.

In their letter, Highlanders suggested that Dynamos’ goal by Epoupa scored from “an offside position” be scrapped.

Highlanders challenged the authorities to caution Dynamos’ technical bench who they accused of interfering with their play by twice throwing the ball into the field when Bosso approached DeMbare’s box.

They also want Masvingo-based referee Ncube and his assistants reprimanded and suspended from taking charge of PSL games for the rest of the season.

In conclusion, Highlanders said: “Finally confirm the obvious conclusion that our club is therefore the winner of the said match.”

Meanwhile, the PSL technically rendered invalid the move by Zifa to nullify Epoupa’s red card saying the referee’s decision is final.

Kenny Mubaiwa

Kenny Mubaiwa

The PSL issued a statement saying they had not received a protest letter from Dynamos or communication from Zifa regarding the expulsion of Epoupa and were only in possession of the referee’s report from the referee.

“Please note that in terms of Order 30 of the PSL Rules and Regulations:

“30.1 Any club involved in a match, may lodge a protest with the League in respect of any match played under the auspices of the League provided that: A written protest accompanied by a protest fee of US$1 000 (One thousand dollars) is lodged with the General Secretariat of the League within 48 hours (forty eight) hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays) of the game and The written protest referred to in order 30.1 above sets out the full facts on which it is based and refers to the Article and/or rule and regulation allegedly contravened by the offending party; and The protest is not made against the referee’s and/or assistant referee’s decision connected with play, such decisions being final,” wrote PSL.

However, Dynamos president Kenny Mubaiwa who is also a member of the PSL Emergency Committee told our Harare Bureau that they welcomed Zifa’s decision to nullify Epoupa’s red card.

Mubaiwa said they were unapologetic after their appeal, in which they were complaining about the physical harassment they said their player was subjected to the whole afternoon by Bosso players had borne a positive output.

He added that they were ready to field the player amid concerns from supporters including their own DeMbare fans and other football stakeholders who felt that the move was tantamount to favouring the Glamour Boys.

“When we appealed, we were complaining that our player was subjected to attacks from Highlanders players, who were hitting him from the onset of the game but the referee did nothing. That was our query, before we can even look at the red card.

“He is our player, we signed him to play football and we want him to play at any given time,” he said.

Mubaiwa said they are unfazed by people’s comments around the matter.

“People will always talk and talk is cheap. Remember, we always see things differently, if you ask a person the colour of the sky, he will tell you it’s white but if you ask another one he will say the sky is blue, yet it is the same sky they are talking about.

“So if people don’t want Dynamos, they are bound to say negative things. We are playing good football, so we don’t need favours from anyone. But we also want fair play and protection from referees. Rules should protect everyone not to be one sided.

“I am surprised because everyone agrees that there was bad officiating on the day. As Dynamos we only lodged a complaint, stated what transpired as well as our grievances because we know our rights.

“Zifa are there as the mediator and what they do as a result of our complaint it is not our problem. It is not about seeking a favour, we just want fair play. That’s what we want.”

Mubaiwa said it appears no one cares about the ordeal which Ntouba went through at Rufaro.

“Right now, he has a swollen face resulting from that strong smash. But no one is talking about that,” he said.

DeMbare coach, Lloyd Mutasa said:

“It is better for the club’s administrators to comment. But what I can only say is, if my players are eligible, they just compete as the norm that is, they first train and if we are satisfied then they play.”


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  • Grace Tsikamtanda

    ZANU PF at it again. They had very little training during the wars spent time raping young women, after independence their army went for Ndebele civilians, rigged and still rigging elections, forced every tribe to speak Shona , destroyed the economy, awarded one another degrees from UZ culminating in the PhD fiasco, manipulated the voter registration with the dead and toddlers in their list, favored Dynamos with fake penalties and now their disciple has converted football to a circus. I can’t wait for the demise of ZANU PF the fake liberators of Southern Africa.

  • Gen Gowon

    Kennedy Mubaiwa is a commedian just as like Chiyangwa.That is why he lost elections for the chairmanship of the elections on two occasions only to be imposed by his uncle Chiyangwa through the back door.The clubs were justified in rejecting him.

  • dabulikethe

    Zobohla manyosi. Laba abalamathumbu agcwala isixaxa bebecabanga ukuthi bahlezi lezidumunga, manje uthuthu soluvuka, asazi bazokuthini. Azitshe!!

  • N. Sithole

    When Highlanders and other teams complained time and again in the past about poor officiating nobody listened. The chickens have come home to roost. It was always coming. UNkulunkulu ngowabantu bonke. The Matemerera 7 minute added time incident was ignored, the 2015 disallowed goal incident (again Matemera was in charge) was also ignored.Now it has come back to haunt them.

  • Willy

    With such powers that this Chiyangwa has why doesn’t he declare his Dynamos team as winners right away since he can just say anything. Then let them go to Africa and let’s see what they will do. Bazaphuma earlier than expected. You think you can fool everyone sir? Never forget!!!





  • 1234

    Who wants their brand to be associated with such mediocrity. Deafening silence from the sponsors.

  • Fuklu

    Rubbish from trigger happy Nhlanhla .

  • Tyson

    Tsika leave ZANU PF alone its football and not politics. How is Zanu Pf coming in? lets not mix things.

  • Shlama

    Now I know why Zim as a country is a mess, like really!! How does someone educated like Nhlanhla appeal to be awarded a penalty 2 days after the match was played? Say, for argument’s sake, the PSL says Bosso deserved a penalty, how is that going to help?
    Instead Bosso should be addressing poor officiating standards

    • kevin

      Any wise person can see that this is merely to prove a point .If it can be done to John it can be done to Peter sort of thing , They have probably discovered that nothing is impossible when it comes to Zim football , so on this one spare Nhlanhla he is in line !

      • Ndumiso Sithole

        Unhlanhla is spot on if the league has been reduced to a joke let’s all laugh on.

      • N. Sithole

        So much for our claim to be an educated nation! You have answered quite aptly. Surely, it’s clear even to a preschool child that Nhlanhla is raising those points to prove a point. I coudn’t have put it better than you.

    • Knightmare

      You clearly missed the sarcasm in the entire letter, you are the one who is poorly educated.

    • Mthandazo Dube

      Nhlanhla is just pulling their legs!!

  • uBhonklanti

    Tell them Nhlanhla. This Dembare scoundrels have been abusing our beautiful game for too long

  • Bosso4Life (the actual deal)

    Firstly, head-butting a player by another, whether this is an on or off-ball incident, is an automatic bookable offence that attracts a red card according to international foot-ball legislation. Secondly, when I last looked, the universally recognised rule which states that the referees decision is final still stands unchallengeable. Chiyangwa is reported to have unilaterally made the decision to nullify the Epoupa earned red card. The two aforementioned pieces of legislation therefore place Highlanders FC in a favourable position to exhaust every available channel in order to seek redress. And the nation’s oldest football club is rightfully doing just that in making it’s various appeals relating to the latest disputed match. However; Bosso’s appeal against the “off-side goal” that the club charges against their rivals, has little chance of succeeding if the “referee’s decision” aspect is applied. Yet there are other things to look at regarding the state of football in this country. It seems evident that the ZIFA boss and his immediate predecessor had used their reported great wealth to entrench their stay at the top. ZIFA’s leader, in particular, allegedly uses his political connections to act with impunity in making bad and undemocratic decisions in discharging his duties. Then there is motor-mouth Kenny Mbaiwa, who holds the positions of chairman at Dynamos and PSL. Is this not a conflict of interests? Mbaiwa seems to imagine that because he thinks Epoupa was relentlessly harassed by Bosso players, the Dynamos forward is justified in head-butting an opponent and does not therefore deserve a red card. And finally, the aspect of tribalism always rears it’s ugly head whenever the nation’s biggest teams meet, with Highlanders FC always being on the receiving end. In this aspect; both Chiyangwa and Mbaiwa are exposed as blatant perpetrators.

    • Doctor Do little

      What is significant as well is that although Mubaiwa is trying to claim they appealed there is no mention of the appeal fee demanded by Zifa and splashed in the media.

      • Bosso4Life(the actual deal)

        Good point. Thanks !

    • musa

      just a point of correction, agreed epoupa deserved the red card but don’t make it seem like red cards have not been overturned before in football, they have which is why chiyangwa in his foolishness thought he could unilaterally do the same. referees decisions containing cards especially red cards have been overturned in the past. just a little research will give you numerous examples. chiyangwa is killing our football

      • N. Sithole

        True, red cards have been overturned before. However, NONE issued for violent conduct has ever been overturned.

        • musa

          i don’t disagree with you there. like i said epoupa deserved the red card

      • Mthandazo Dube

        It could be enlightening to us if you can give us examples of the red cards that have been overturned before.

  • Shumba

    Then the team argues that they have a chairman, honestly?? someone who speaks like this?? Yeaah zvakaoma madembare ayi aahh. Why does our chairman defend scandalous and criminal events, and starts to tell us a useless example of people seeing the sky differently?? Stand on the truth sir and stop subscribing to politics, we want our dembare to win the championship fairly, and not to make it clear that we are being assisted by the big boss, ayi mani.

    Sit our Epoupa down, dembare has many players, dont support criminal decisions and scandalous sinister works. You are leading a big club, act professionally.
    You rather not say your sentiments publickly if you dont have anything to say.

  • Header Mudhuwa

    How true is this:
    Tsipa (Caps) red Card Vs Mudhuwa
    Tarumbwa red card Vs Mudhuwa
    Chikafa red Card Vs Mudhuwa
    Marufu red Card Vs Mudhuwa
    Epoupa Red Card Vs Mudhuwa
    Something must be done

    • Lacoste

      Shut up brainless Dembare.
      If so then Mudhuwa should get a warriors team jersey because he is able to frastrate strikers out of form and out of the game.
      Good strategy.
      Do you think defenders are fielded to bootlick opposing strikers?

    • Vodloza

      One wonders why such a defender is not quickly called to national team, frustrating the high flying strikers, ahh MUDHUWA YOU ARE A STAR my man, thus great defending, yeah, defense par excellence, I AM IMPRESSED.

      Dont listen to this daydreamer who uses useless statistics, thinking he will point an error, USE THIS STATISTIC TO JUDGE THE MUDHUWA GUY AS A GREAT DEFENDER

      • Rugare-byo

        kikikikiki kunjalo Voooo!!

    • Chiworoworo

      During my playing days the late Shakeman used to swear you about your mother while running besides you. So did Chunga. Ask him. So did many others. That comes in the game sometimes. It does not mean you retaliate. If the ref allows bad decisions to go unpunished there are ways to take action against him rather than this blatant bias. By the way I used to play for Highlanders rivals Saints so I am telling it as I see it.

      • Header Mudhuwa

        Yeah I remember, Shakeman & Misheck fighting am Sure that was the case. Chiwororo from what you are saying you seem to be an advocate of decency. You must frustrate your opponent by football skills.

    • N. Sithole

      Mudhuwa is a defender. Common sense.

  • Max Chiks

    Child Play

  • khulu

    Corruption is cancerous and it has become systemic to these two Dembare kingpins, everything they do, speak or dream is so corrupt they are not even ashamed or see wrong, sebedlule.

  • gidza wa gidza

    Isn’t Epoupa’s swollen jaw a result of the head-butt he gave Muduwa?