BREAKING: Another break-in at VP Mnangagwa’s office

VP Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
There has been another break-in at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs offices at the New Government complex.

More to follow

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  • WeMberegwa

    Hai, haiwa, haiwavo

    • velamthakathi

      dog eat dog. he is robbing himself.

  • silungisn

    Where are the State Security Agencies?……

    • Martin Chipimo

      Is this not an inside JOB!!!

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    we won’t stop saying it … limqaphe umbulali lo, isikliwi seZambia lesi!! this mass-murderer, this genocidaire; Gukurahundaire and Gukurahundist!!

    maShona lithi yini umbulali ngesakini konje???

    • silungisn


    • Slam like Hamil B4 the scandal

      Mfowethu, watshengisa ubuwula kangaka kutheni, hawu??

      • Mugavimbi_Naledi

        lisiqhaphe isikliwi lesi … umbulali lo!!

        and ignore sponsored comments here to sanitize a true mass-murderer in the truest sense of that word!!

        lwepukele kodwa!!!!

  • G39 + 1

    Who cares? Hope they manage to find whatever they are looking for and put him behind bars.

  • We Are Sick n Tired

    We are sick and tired of stage-managed break-ins which are meant to draw gullible media attention and relevance to Mnagagwa.He must find other new ways of gaining popularity than this 1900 tired gimmick of breaking his own offices by himself to gain traction.You mean a whole VP cannot afford even a cheap CCTV or the services of the cheapest security guard company in Zimbabwe?

  • silungisn

    Where are his Mantshingelas to look after his Office…sometime was a Chemical thrown in his Office…now 4th Time break-ins……