Bye Rabbi: ‘Sex pest’ Israeli cleric deported


Rabbi Eliezer Berland after being sentenced in Bulawayo yesterday

Thandeka Moyo Court Reporter
A 77-YEAR-OLD fugitive rabbi who allegedly fled sex abuse charges in Israel has been deported after overstaying his visa in Zimbabwe.
Rabbi Eliezer Berland was yesterday fined $200 by Bulawayo magistrate Sibongile Msipa and ordered to leave the country after admitting he was an illegal immigrant.

Prosecutors said the mega rich cleric – whose lawyer claimed could fuel all government cars to escort him to the airport in a bid to avoid jail – had been living in a top Bulawayo hotel since December last year.

Caroline Matanga, for the State, said the cleric was given a three-month visa for “religious tourism” which expired on March 24.
Magistrate Msipa told Berland: “This court finds you guilty as charged and you must pay a fine of $200 or three months imprisonment.

“The court took into consideration that you’re aged 77 and you’re a first offender who pleaded guilty. Imprisonment is not suitable for a first offender so you should pay a fine of $200.”

Rabbi Berland was arrested on Monday at Holiday Inn in Ascot after his cover was blown by our sister paper, Sunday News.
He is believed to have flown into Zimbabwe by a private jet owned by one of his followers.

Dozens of his most loyal supporters had booked into several Bulawayo hotels and lodges to be close to their leader.

Berland, who heads one of the largest Jewish educational institutions in Jerusalem, allegedly escaped to Zimbabwe following accusations of abusing underage girls and sleeping with numerous married women.

Several Israeli women told investigators that the rabbi sexually harassed or raped them.

The allegations came to light in 2012 when the newspaper, Israel Hayom, reported an incident in which one of Berland’s students encountered him at home standing beside a naked woman.

His supporters expressed anger over the report and the individual who leaked the story to the media was later violently attacked.

After police opened an investigation, Berland fled Israel and spent time in the United States, Italy and Switzerland.  He then left for Morocco, settling in Marrakesh.

In November 2013, Berland and his students were ordered to leave Morocco after King Mohammed VI personally ordered their expulsion from the country after a Moroccan newspaper published an article profiling the rabbi and mentioning the circumstances under which he fled Israel.

Berland is thought to have left Morocco for Cairo, Egypt.

He reportedly bought tickets for various destinations to confuse pursuers leaving them unsure whether he was staying in Zimbabwe, Venezuela or South Africa.


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  • Messenger Of God

    The Israelis, Jews are our brothers, sisters and mothers and they belong here in Zimbabwe and are welcome to stay or live here for as long as they like…How can this women magistrate order a deportation of her own brother…Deport those non Christians…Messenger Of God

    • Jotham

      The man is a criminal that is why he is being expelled from Zim.

      • John

        no he’s not from what I’ve read in the newspaper he’s still not convicted yet so I think we should all give him the chance that maybe he is not guilty!!!!

  • Messenger Of God

    Brother Berland you are welcome to stay here in Zimbabwe forever…Messenger Of God.

  • Enamine Gwisane

    I disagree!these are the people who are intoxicated with power so much that they think they own people and treat women like thrash

  • Messenger Of God

    The point is he shouldn’t be deported, he is our brother…Jews are our brothers…Messenger Of God

  • Messenger Of God

    The real enemies are those that hate Jews and kill Christians, those Muslims we don’t want them in our Country…Messenger Of God

  • messnger of myself

    he is a sex offender on the run. he should be extradited to israel. if he wasnt guilty he wouldnt flee israel. his place is in jail. plain and simple.

    • John

      if you don’t know him or his people why do you judge him? I can smell your I hate from here???
      this is not God’s Way!!!!

      • Messenger Of God

        John you are blessed forever…The World needs many people like you…Messenger Of God

        • Harry

          Reverend Berland is a man of peace. All he did in Israel was for the glory of the Lord. He chased the devil out of the women.

          • Messenger Of God

            God Bless you brother Harry, you are Blessed forever…Messenger Of God

  • John

    something stinks in here I don’t know why someone from his people will report him to the news here in Zim??? I think someone is chasing him from there? maybe someone that don’t like his way of serving God….
    because of what I read in there Israeli newspapers it’s not certain that he committed those crimes he is 77 years old it doesn’t make any sense?????

  • Messenger Of God

    You are a brother forever Harry…You are blessed forever…Messenger Of God

  • Yehuda

    God will curt you and at soon time you will be removed from world

  • Yossi

    Are you crazy to play with Jude rabbi, God will kill all of you, it is promised of God

  • nachman

    The Whole World Knows The Truth. Rabbi Berland is a big Tzadik! The Israeli evil Government (who put all of Am Yisrael to shame) have a personal vendetta against the Rabbi for many many years, because he did the worst thing possible to the secular government.

    WHAT DID HE DO TO THEM? to the government?

    He brought back thousands and thousands of Yidden back to Teshuva. He even brought back some of the government officials children and grandchildren to Hashem. And in their warped minds he is the biggest criminal for doing that. Chas V’Shalom.

    He is a great Rav, and its unbelievable how disgusting this whole “Zionist episode” is.

    May Hashem open their blind eyes and may every one of them do a complete Teshuva and may we all be zoche to the Geula Shleima B’Karov. Amen!